What is Zlob?

Zlob is a backdoor Trojan that allows attackers remote control over your computer. Zlob uses a remote connection which allows the attacker to perform malicious actions such as downloading and installing software without your consent. Zlob may also execute certain commands and manage the entire computer, leaving your computer exposed to further malware infection.
Zlob is not just a single Trojan, but it is a generic name that refers to a whole list of Trojan infections. Since there are many kinds of Zlob Trojans, the damage they inflict on the target computer can also range from changing the Internet browser settings to stealing personal information.

When Zlob modifies your browser, it forcefully redirects you to websites that are related to this malware. It is also known to promote websites that are part of the rogue antispyware distribution system. Various rogues are related to Zlob, including Anti Spy Check, Micro AV, Micro Antivirus 2009 and so on.

Redirecting you to unfamiliar websites is not the only thing Zlob can do. It is also able to download and execute malicious files, that are responsible for installing additional malware onto your computer. Zlob is able to do that, because upon the installation it performs Registry modifications that allows the Trojan to load automatically with your operating system and then constantly work in the background without being noticed.

Due to the fact, that Zlob adds extra keys into the Registry, it is complicated to remove it manually, especially if you are not an experienced computer user. Therefore, you are recommended to invest in a reliable antimalware application that will delete Zlob for you automatically. This type of malware removal is efficient and saves time. Do all it takes to protect your computer from the likes of Zlob.

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  1. Hi:
    I have a system alert: Trojan-Spy.Win32@max, and have tried both free and paid programs to remove the threat, I'm prompted to click on baloons to fix the problem. Norton suport told me not to. I bought their software with the understanding it would remove this stuff, [ it does not ]As I do not use cards over the net... what are my options?
    Thanks for your time

  2. herb siltata,

    This parasite mutates very often. So it's not so easy to remove it. I advise you to scan your computer with our free scanner, which will not remove, but detect and show the locations of the infected files. Afterwards, boot your computer in Safe Mode and delete the infected files (Shift + Delete). Otherwise, use a reliable antispyware program, or contact the support team of your antispyware program to help you to get rid of this parasite.

  3. Marlene Montes

    I have this Zlob nasty virus on my PC and the constant pop-ups are frustrating. I really thank you for all your information... I am hoping that it works. God bless you.

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