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Browse for the Cause

Browse for the Cause

Browse for the Cause is a suspicious application which is published by Domain Web Developers, LLC. and which is meant to make donating to various charities much easier. Are you intrigued to run the application on your personal computer? Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers recommend using the program with great cautiousness because it is followed by secondary applications. Many malware researchers categorize the application as adware or a browser hijacker because once you install it, your browser settings are modified, your home page and search engine are changed and you may be bombarded by random pop-up ads. Read more »

Bsaving Coupons

Bsaving Coupons is an application which you can accidentally acquire along with a free program downloaded from dubious websites. As the name of this browser add-on implies, this application displays coupons related to the items you are looking for. It is supposed to help you save money; however, if you have not even thought about using online coupons and now want to remove Bsaving Coupons from the PC, do right now. Read more »

Shopping Sidekick

Shopping Sidekick is a browser add-on which displays advertisements and various offers related to your interests. The application can be installed alongside free program or downloaded directly from shoppingsidekick.com.  Like the majority of browser plug-ins, Shopping Sidekick works on such browsing tools as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once the application is installed, an add-on is set on the browsers, which means that it starts monitoring your browsing sessions. Read more »

Speedbit Video Accelerator

If you are selective about what programs run on your computer, you may have issues with Speedbit Video Accelerator. The application is available in multiple languages and is said to be used by millions of people living all around the world. The official website of the program is videoaccelerator.com and here you can download its free version onto the PC. The free version of this Speed-Bit LTD product allows you to browser videos which are found in such popular file-sharing websites as YouTube, Read more »

Softonic Toolbar

Softonic Toolbar is a browser add-on which is powered with a variety of options that enable a computer user to perform multiple actions. For example, the toolbar enables you to check your email, translate, listen to the radio online, check weather forecasts, etc.  Softonic Toolbar may also refer to a toolbar which is installed along with the applications downloaded from Softonic, which offers a lot of applications for Windows, iPhone, Mac , Android, etc. Read more »

Browser Companion Helper

If you do not want the browser to be flooded with various pop-ups advertisements and virtual offers, you should delete Browser Companion Helper despite its acclaimed benefits. The add-on has been developed by Blabbers Communications Ltd. and is available from ginyas.com. Once you download the application onto your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you are not presented with setting reconfigurations and there is no visible toolbar attached to the browser. However, Read more »

StartNow Toolbar

StartNow Toolbar

Despite being legitimate, StartNow Toolbar is a web browser extension which is often categorized as a potentially unwanted program. You can install it on your Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers from the official page about.startnow.com. The toolbar is meant to help you access websites like Amazon, eBay, Facebook or Twitter with one click. As you can see, all of these sites require you to login using passwords and usernames. Even though the extension is authentic, Read more »

WiseConvert Toolbar

WiseConvert Toolbar is yet another browser plugin developed by Conduit Ltd. which is categorized as potentially unwanted on your operating Windows system. You can download the program from the website wiseconvert.ourtoolbar.com, and the installation process is identical to the ones of Iminent Toolbar and MIXI.DJ Toolbar. Many computer users decide to download the toolbar onto their PCs because of the promoted free file converting services. Nevertheless, Read more »

Supreme Savings

Super Savings is a browser extension available at supreme-savings.com. It is developed by 215 Apps (Excellent Apps) and this app is created to improve your online shopping experience. The application supports more than 1000 online stores, including Expedia, Kmart, Office Depot, Pet Smart, Toys R Us and many more. Supreme Savings coupon app can be installed on three main browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Read more »

iMesh Toolbar

iMesh Toolbar

Even though many computer users refer to iMesh Toolbar as a browser extension, it would be much more logical to call it a collection of different browser extensions and programs. Once you click on the download button placed on imesh.com, you are prompted with an extensive installation wizard. Here you can choose to set search.imesh.net as your home page, install Search-Results Toolbar, Torch Browser and reconfigure browser settings. Read more »