Supreme Savings

What is Supreme Savings?

Super Savings is a browser extension available at It is developed by 215 Apps (Excellent Apps) and this app is created to improve your online shopping experience. The application supports more than 1000 online stores, including Expedia, Kmart, Office Depot, Pet Smart, Toys R Us and many more. Supreme Savings coupon app can be installed on three main browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once installed a Supreme Savings tag is available at the top right corner of your browser. Whenever you visit a website supported by Supreme Savings, if it has any coupon offers, a list of coupons can be viewed at the Supreme Savings tag.

Where does Supreme Savings come from?

As it has been mentioned above, Supreme Savings can be downloaded at Also, quite often the browser extension comes bundled with other freeware. In such case, if the installation process is triggered automatically, Supreme Savings does not inform user about the extension that is about to be installed on his browser. That might be rather troublesome, because Supreme Savings supports ads. It is openly said so on the official website: “Supreme-Savings is an ad supported product and will show you advertisements as you browse the web.” However, the extension is not responsible for the ads that are being displayed, and if a third party displays advertisements with embedded outgoing links, it might be possible to land on a corrupted website.

Is Supreme Savings dangerous?

Not by itself. Supreme Savings browser extension is not a computer infection, and the worst it can do is spamming you with commercial advertisements. However, it is a potentially unwanted browser extension, because it might be exploited by a third party for financial and malicious purposes. If you do not shop online often, or if you haven’t installed Supreme Savings on your computer willingly, it is recommended to remove it from your browser and your computer. You can refer to uninstall instructions at or refer to the instructions below:

How to remove Supreme Savings from Windows

Windows 8

  1. Right-click metro Start screen.
  2. Click All apps button on the bottom right.
  3. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program.
  4. Uninstall Supreme Savings.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Start Menu and go to Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall a program.
  3. Remove Supreme Savings.

Windows XP

  1. Open Start Menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Go to Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Uninstall Supreme Savings.

How to remove Supreme Savings from your browser

Internet Explorer

  1. Press and hold Alt+X.
  2. Click Manage add-ons.
  3. Remove Supreme Savings from Toolbars and Extensions list.
  4. Click OK to save changes.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+A one after another.
  2. Add-ons Manager tab will open.
  3. Select Extensions pane and remove Supreme Savings from the list.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F.
  2. Go to Tools > Extensions.
  3. Remove Supreme Savings from the list.

To make sure that you have no dangerous files installed computer, we highly recommend scanning your system with SpyHunter. Do take your computer security seriously.

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