Palladium Pro

Palladium Pro is a fake security software which also goes by the name Palladium Antivirus. This software was intentionally created to invade a computer through various security holes. Some people get infected by clicking on tricky pop-up's, others try to install some kind of untrustworthy video codec. Some even get e-mails from what seems to be a courier company, but the message includes a document which is infected with a trojan. Read more »

Palladium Antivirus

If you don't know much about Palladium Antivirus it is time that you start understanding exactly what Palladium Antivirus is. It is best that you understand that Palladium Antivirus is a rogue antispyware application which has been created for the purpose of obtaining your hard earned money and leaving you with nothing but an infected computer system in return. Palladium Antivirus uses the most aggressive marketing tactics to spread around the world and infect as many PC's as possible. Palladium Antivirus is accompanied by a very powerful and nasty Trojan which is the main core of the infection - it installs the fake Palladium Antivirus software, shows various warning messages, blocks the internet connection and many other programs. Read more »


EasyScan is a fake disk repairing tool and should be avoided at any cost. The best way to fully guard yourself against EasyScan is by learning the facts and understanding exactly what it does. EasyScan has been created by rogue software makers who are trying to steal money from amateur computer users by using various aggressive tactics in order to push them into stressful situations. Read more »


Do not be fooled by FullScan, this rogue antispyware is out to steal your money and cripple your PC in the process. FullScan manages to fool many users into believing it’s a genuine security tool mainly through its exaggerated online marketing campaign and seemingly legitimate looking and user friendly User Interfaces. Read more »

Windows Optimization Center

Windows Optimization Center is a rogue antispyware application which will make use of whatever it can in order to try and trick you into believing that your machine is infected and broken. You need to know that whatever messages or warnings Windows Optimization Center may show you, you must ignore them. Windows Optimization Center is the problem itself and is not the solution like it may pretend to be. Read more »


If you don't like lies and deceit then you definitely won't like Scanner. Scanner is a false disk repair tool that will appear authentic in very way. In fact you will even get error messages that will alert you of various errors and computer problems which it claims you have. The truth is that your computer system is perfect except for the factor that it is infected with the program Scanner. Read more »

Disk Repair

Disk Repair is nothing more than a false disk repair tool which will do everything it can in order to try and make your computer system a living nightmare until you purchase a certain license which actually does not exist. This is one big scam which was created by serious cybercriminals uses aggressive methods to install the Disk Repair program into ones computer without notice. Furthermore Disk Repair program will show massive amounts of warning messages that look just like real Windows messages. Disk Repair may even block all major security programs. All this is done to create an illusion that Disk Repair is the only way your computer will get fixed. Read more »

Personal Internet Security 2011

Personal Internet Security 2011 is a fake software and all computer users should know about this. In order to be able to protect your computer system against Personal Internet Security 2011 it important you understand exactly what it is and exactly what Personal Internet Security 2011 does. The truth is that Personal Internet Security 2011 is a false security tool that will try and convince you otherwise. Read more »

System Tool 2011

The problem with System Tool 2011 is that it is guaranteed to try and make you believe that your PC is infected .The reality of the situation is very different and that is that your computer system is infected but is instead infected with System Tool 2011 and not with any of the parasites that it claims it is infected with. Read more »

System Tools 2011

System Tools 2011 may seem like a wonderful computer tool but the fact of the matter is that it is really a rogue antispyware application which was created to trick innocent users as well as steal their money. This means that if your computer system becomes infected with System Tools 2011,you will not only land up with many computer problems but you will also land up with less money. Read more »