Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer

What is Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer?

Unfortunately, a lot of computer users still become victims to Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer. It is a rogue antispyware infection. Rogues are very cunning programs which pretend to be legitimate software applications in hopes of stealing personal information. Just like any rogue out there Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer looks very professional, because it mimics the logo and appearance of a well-known computer safeguard program.
Once you are infected with Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer, the rogue configures your system to its own advantage, and it loads whenever you boot up your Windows. Once Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer’s window pops into your screen, the rogue performs a fake system scan, “scanning” various system directories and making it seem as if it is doing a good job protecting your computer against a whole list of threats. But this list of malware that you see is fake. All the warnings you are receiving are generated by Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer and it is the main threat harming your system.

You need to remove Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer, before it completely slows down your computer and meddles with your Internet access. Not only does this rogue targets your money, it can also block you from loading certain programs, so invest in a reliable antimalware program, which will detect and terminate Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer for good. Do not wait until it is too late to do anything about it.

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Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer

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