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TripleM Ransomware

If you ever find a program known as TripleM Ransomware up and running on your operating system, be sure to execute its complete removal right away. Doing so is absolutely critical because this devious application exhibits extremely malicious inner workings. If you are not familiar with ransomware applications, you should know that they are infamous for their ability to lock enormous amounts of data stored on the affected hard drive. As you can imagine, having an application that functions in such a way could have devastating outcomes, to put it lightly. If you are eager to find out more about this malicious program's complex inner workings, be sure to read the rest of this report. Besides such information, you will also find a few virtual security recommendations that will help you maintain a secure operating system at all times. To help you delete TripleM Ransomware once and for all, we include a comprehensive removal guide. Read more » is a browser hijacker, which means it might change your browser’s preferences. To our knowledge at the moment of writing it is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Our researchers at say the application should change user’s start page. Even though it may look like any other search engine, we would advise you to be extra careful with it. It appears to be the threat might show modified search results, which means it could place various pop-ups, banners, and other advertisements among gathered search results. Such content could seem rather annoying, but we should warn you there is a chance some part of the ads may lead to scam web pages or other untrustworthy sites. As a consequence, we advise our readers not to risk their computer’s or their privacy’s security and eliminate the browser hijacker before anything bad happens. To remove it manually you should follow the deletion instructions available below this article. Read more »

You do not want to find an application known as up and running on your operating system. If that is the case already, you should take immediate action to remove it once and for all. Doing so is vital because this piece of software happens to be yet another browser hijacker. If you are not familiar with applications of this classification are notorious for their ability to make undesirable alterations to your browser's default settings. Unfortunately, these alterations usually have a negative effect on the way you experience the Internet. If that was not enough, you should know that this hijacker could also expose your operating system to dangerous web content, which could lead to a system infection. Find out more about its inner workings by reading this report entirely. Below we also include a detailed removal guide, which you should use to delete once and for all. Read more »

Color Generator

Color Generator

Color Generator might look like a cool and fancy application at first, but its purpose is not that clear. Sure, the name of the application suggests that it generates colors, but there is nothing substantial about this extension even if we visit the official homepage.

Therefore, if you happen to have this app added to your browser, it would be in your best interest to remove Color Generator for good. Since it is not hard to delete the extension, you can do it on your own by following the instructions you will find below this description. Also, do not hesitate to leave us a comment if something does not go according to the plan. Read more »

Greystars Ransomware

Greystars Ransomware is not an application that you want to have up and running on your operating system. If you are not familiar with ransomware programs, you must know that they exhibit incredibly malicious inner workings. In most instances, malware developers use such intrusive applications to make quick, illegal profits from unsuspected Internet users. The scheme under which these programs work is quite simple. First, they encrypt a vast amount of data on the affected computer and then demand a ransom in return for decryption services. As you can imagine, having an application that functions in such a way can have disastrous outcomes, to put it lightly. If you are eager to learn more about its intricate functionality, be sure to read the rest of this report. Besides such information, you will find a few virtual security tips along with a comprehensive removal guide, which you should use to delete Greystars Ransomware once and for all. Read more »

Easy Privacy Switch

Easy Privacy Switch is a search engine that could eventually expose you to potentially dangerous content. This means that the application may function as a browser hijacker, and unless you remove it from your system immediately, you may have to deal with a number of security issues.

In our description, we will tell you more about this search engine, and we will also discuss how such things reach users around the globe, and what you should do to avoid them. If you have more questions once we are done, you can always leave us a comment, and our team will be ready to assist you. Read more »

AutoClean Pro 2018

AutoClean Pro 2018

What would you do if a program told you that you have 73 potentially unwanted items on your computer? You would probably scramble to remove those items because the unwanted software could be associated with malware, too. However, the likes of AutoClean Pro 2018 may not be the most reliable security optimization tools out there. Our research team says that this application is a potentially unwanted program, and it means that it may have certain features you could find unwanted and even intrusive. Therefore, it would be for the best to remove AutoClean Pro 2018 from your system, and if you scroll down to the bottom, you will find our manual removal instructions. Read more » is a regular browser hijacker that can be added to your browser when you install various freeware applications on your computer. A browser hijacker may not look like the most dangerous thing in the world, but such programs can easily expose you to potentially harmful content, and you should be careful to avoid that. Hence, the best way to solve this situation is to remove from your system immediately. You will find the manual removal instructions below this description, but if you feel that you need assistance with the software removal, please feel free to leave us a comment. Read more »

DotZeroCMD Ransomware

DotZeroCMD Ransomware

Based on the text in the windows displayed by DotZeroCMD Ransomware it seems it is supposed to be a malicious file-encrypting program designed for money extortion. However, even though it asks for a ransom in the mentioned notes, it does not appear to be able to encipher any data even though the displayed texts tell a different story. Thus, before you start to panic or think about paying the ransom, we urge you to check the files on the infected device first. If they can be opened and the system seems to be able to recognize them, as usual, it means DotZeroCMD Ransomware did not do anything to them. There is a possibility the malware could be updated later on, but until it does, we would recommend not to waste any time with it and erase it immediately. In fact, even if it would encipher your data, we would advise removing it just the same since there is always a chance the hackers behind the malware might scam the victim. As always to learn how to eliminate this malicious program we invite you to follow the instructions located below the text. Read more »

You should not mistake for a legitimate search engine. Although it looks like one, in reality, its creator, Polarity Technologies Ltd, built it as an advertising tool. All links represented via the home page of this “search tool” can be regarded as advertisements as well. Although you might think that this suspicious tool is completely harmless, it is not, and researchers list a few reasons why deleting it is recommended. You can learn all about this by reading this report. Now, if you believe that you know everything there is to know about the search tool – which we classify as a hijacker – or you simply do not care to learn more, you might be interested in the removal of only. Is it difficult to get rid of this browser hijacker? It should not be difficult for you to follow the steps shown below if the hijacker is the only threat you are dealing with. However, if it slithered into your operating system along with malware, unfortunately, it might be much more difficult for you to clean your operating system and browsers manually. Read more »