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There are no doubts that is not the search engine you can trust. First of all, this highly suspicious search tool redirects you to Yahoo search modules (e.g. Secondly, it often enters the operating system and active browsers illegally, which indicates that you should delete it from the PC right away. If you do not remove from the computer right away you might discover various misleading but highly alluring pop-up advertisements. Read more »



Do you see different advertisements and coupons appearing while browsing the internet, particularly shopping websites? If yes, it means that you have WinDealist in your computer. This application is categorized as adware and it tends to show various coupons, advertisements, and deals related to such online stores as Ebay, Walmart, Amazon, and BestBuy. As these advertisements are very annoying and might even lead you to potential threats, you should remove WinDealist from your system. It is also worth mentioning that these advertisements might appear on all the popular browsers which are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Read more »


Barowwsoe2Save is an adware program which is installed as a browser add-on. It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, and can be bundled with The browser add-on can be presented in several names. Instead of Barowwsoe2Save you may find Browse2save; nevertheless, it is advisable to remove this application because of its annoying pop-up advertisements and links which take you to various websites. Read more »