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Have you noticed various advertisements popping up while you are browsing different websites? If yes, it might be true that has occupied your computer. It is a component of adware LyricsGet and it manifests itself by displaying various advertisements while you are browsing the web. These advertisements are not only annoying but might lead you to potential threats, which is why we recommend that you remove LyricsGet together with the from your computer. Read more »


Bomlabio is a browser add-on that is supposed to help computer users to improve their overall web browsing experience. It is not a computer infection despite the fact that there are a lot of websites where you can find Bomlabio being called a virus or a browser hijacker. Naturally, it is for the best to remove Bomlabio from your computer, as the extension can be easily considered an adware application that exposes you to unreliable third party content. Sooner or later it might result in a dangerous malware infection, so you have to think twice before installing any new shareware application on your PC. Read more »

Surf Canyon

Surf Canyon

Surf Canyon, which is developed by the Surf Canyon Incorporated, is categorized as a browser extension which is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. This software is not malicious itself; however, we still recommend that you delete Surf Canyon from the system or use it carefully because it might lead you to potential threats. It claims that it can improve your searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Craiglist and you can download it from Read more »

If you have been bombarded with some annoying pop-up ads that seem to belong to , it means that some adware program is installed on the PC. More precisely, you have probably installed a browser add-on which displays songs’ lyrics on YouTube. If it is A2ZLyrics or some other browser add-on, remove it from the browsers to stop from being displayed. Browser add-ons which search for lyrics are likely to be compatible with all most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Read more »

Vista Antivirus 2013

Vista Antivirus 2013 acts like a legitimate tool even though it is a fake antivirus program.  This software is assigned to the category of rogues and belongs to Braviax family. As it might not let you use the computer freely and without any interruptions, you should remove Vista Antivirus 2013 from your computer. You will recognize it from its fake scan which provides a list of various non-existent threats. Read more »


Have you noticed various advertisements popping up while you are browsing the most popular online shopping websites? If it is so, TronTizer might have infiltrated your computer. This piece of software is categorized as adware because it annoys computer users with different ads and might even lead to potential threats, which is why you should remove TronTizer from the computer. Besides, you should acquire a good antimalware tool because this adware is compatible with all the popular browsers which are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Read more »


QuickPCOptimizer is a tool which claims to be a legitimate registry analyzer, cleaner, and optimizer that is able to help you if your computer starts-up slowly, there are mysterious Windows errors, and unexpected system crashes. This program is published by DeskToolsSoft, Inc. and can be downloaded from its official homepage which is Even though it looks like a decent optimization tool, you should not fully trust it because it is better known as a potentially unwanted program which might cause undesirable behavior. If you want to use your computer without any interruptions, you should delete QuickPCOptimizer from your computer. Read more »

Windows Active HotSpot

Windows Active HotSpot

Windows Active Hotspot is assigned to the category of rogue programs because it acts like a legit anti-spyware tool in order to make profit from computer users. As it can be suggested from the name, its main target is Windows users. In addition to this, this fake tool is very annoying because it does not allow you to use your computer freely unless you buy a full version of the program. You should definitely remove Windows Active Hotspot as soon as you can and not pay any money for the activation of this fake anti-spyware tool. Read more » is a truly peculiar search engine. It does not present any information about its developers and does not provide links to EULA, Privacy Policy or Terms of Agreement documents. The only thing that you can see on this page is the Type Here box and the Search button. As you type in the keyword you are routed to what appears to be a Google search page. The site that you are transported to is the Indian and it offers you to make Google your homepage. Even though this portal is authentic and reliable, we advise that you remove without any hesitations. If you do not perform this task soon enough, there is a possibility that the search engine will redirect you to certain unreliable websites and lead you to risks. Read more »


LyrMix is a free browser add-on which works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox to make your browsing on YouTube more entertaining. If the application finds the lyrics of the video, you can sing karaoke; however, the application is ad-supported, which means that in addition to the songs’ lyrics, you are flooded with various ads. The application is available at, but it is not the only source of the application. It is known in several names and can be downloaded as LyricStart, LyriXeeker, and LyricPlug. If you have an application which bears one of the names mentioned, remove it from the PC right now. Read more »