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Widgi Toolbar

If your antivirus program is out of date – it will not classify Widgi Toolbar as malicious; however, this program could be dangerous to your personal safety; therefore, AntiSpyware101 team suggest you remove this treacherous application right away. So, why exactly do you need to delete Widgi Toolbar? Read more »


HackTool.Wpakill infection can tamper with Winlogon notifications, delete system’s components, disable processes, remove access to the Registry Editor, download malware, record keystrokes, steal login data or send spam using email and instant messaging accounts. All of this and more will be enabled by winlogon.exe and antiwpa.dll, two dangerous files which could be propagated into a computer through one of the many security backdoors. If your operating Windows system is not guarded by antimalware software, there is a high chance that your PC will be infected and you will need to worry about HackTool.Wpakill removal. Read more »

Win 7 Defender 2013

Win 7 Defender 2013

If you are thinking of protecting your system with legitimate security tools, we applaud you, but you should not even consider Win 7 Defender 2013 application as your Windows guardian, because it is completely fake, and has been designed to fool you! Just like all rogue antispywares, this one also does not have any potential to detect or remove any type of attacking malware. On the contrary, the virus can attract more dangerous infections and make you spend your money on a completely useless, full version product, which is why you should remove Win 7 Defender 2013 from your PC right now! Read more »

XP Defender 2013

XP Defender 2013

Trojans, viruses, worms, and key loggers have invaded your system and XP Defender 2013 is the first to claim so? The sad truth is that XP Defender 2013 is a bogus application which, more precisely, is an infection. It steals into the system unnoticed, and once it finds a home on your computer, it constantly reminds you about its presence. Under such circumstances, removal of XP Defender 2013 is highly recommended. Read more »


Adware:Win32/Adkubru is a malicious application that may affect Windows XP, 7 or Vista operating systems. The program may be propagated via highly surreptitious security cracks, including bundled or encrypted downloads, spam email attachments, social engineering and black hat SEO scams. It is also possible for the infection to be downloaded by already active infections, which means that after having Adware:Win32/Adkubru deleted you should also take care of other infections’ removal. Read more »


Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.U is a Trojan infection from a multi-component Trojan family called Win64/Sirefef. Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.U is responsible for modifying Internet browser settings. It displays false search results and forcefully redirects the user to pay-per-click advertising websites that generate revenue to cyber criminals. Every single member of the Sirefef family performs a different function allowing other elements of the infection to function properly. Read more »


If you download from illegal websites, there is a great chance that one of the surreptitious, bundled downloads would hide pup.mywebsearch or any other malignant browser’s add-on. The program is often categorized as a browser hijacker or adware, because it can disrupt your browser’s functionality and allow schemers to infect your virtual space with a ton of fictitious advertisements. Read more »