What is HackTool.Wpakill?

HackTool.Wpakill infection can tamper with Winlogon notifications, delete system’s components, disable processes, remove access to the Registry Editor, download malware, record keystrokes, steal login data or send spam using email and instant messaging accounts. All of this and more will be enabled by winlogon.exe and antiwpa.dll, two dangerous files which could be propagated into a computer through one of the many security backdoors. If your operating Windows system is not guarded by antimalware software, there is a high chance that your PC will be infected and you will need to worry about HackTool.Wpakill removal.

Cyber criminals are highly inventive with their malware propagation ways, and there is no surprise that the malicious hacking tool could enter your PC via highly surreptitious channels. It has been researched that the infection may come though self-extracting zip and RAR folders containing such programs as xp-activator or win7activator with familiar Windows logo icons. The malicious HackTool.Wpakill program has also been noticed to travel with such bundled malware as XP Crack, Windows XP Activator, Windows XP Validation Crack Patcher, RemoveWAT, Windows 7 Genuine License or Alureon Trojan.

The malicious HackTool.Wpakill is capable of disabling multiple operating Windows system’s products, including Windows Genuine Advantage or Windows Product Activation. It can also remove certain Start Menu links (e.g. Activate Windows), tamper with the winlogon.exe or msoobe.exe, which are essential for smooth Windows activation. AntiSpyware101 malware research team warns that the vicious hacking tool can modify legitimate Windows components and employ them to administer malignant processes.

If you notice any of the listed programs inside your computer or you recognize the symptoms, there is a great chance that you need to delete HackTool.Wpakill. This infection is very surreptitious and you may not even know about its presence because of the non-existent interface. Regardless, once you notice Windows disturbances, removed access to certain programs or any other symptoms, you should install automatic removal software to delete HackTool.Wpakill and other running infections. Note that manual removal is not the best option in this situation because multiple infections could be running simultaneously.

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