Monthly Archives: September 2011

Security Sphere 2012

Security Sphere 2012 is a rogue antispyware application that pretends to be a reliable computer security program. It showcases a behavior very similar to that of a real antivirus program, and therefore, it might seem that Security Sphere 2012 is a trustworthy application, but if you think that it can protect you from all the viruses it reports you about, you are very wrong. All the security notifications received from Security Sphere 2012 are fake and they are generated for one purpose only, and that is ripping you off. Read more »

Advanced PC Shield 2012

Advanced PC Shield 2012 is a dangerous computer threat which you must terminate immediately. It is a rogue antispyware program and it pretends to be a legitimate computer security tool. If you look at it closely, you will see that it copies the design and the color scheme of a famous antivirus product. Everything is done in a sophisticated way to lull you into believing that Advanced PC Shield 2012 can take care of all of your problems. Read more »

Data Repair

If you think that your system is perfectly safe just because you have Data Repair in your computer, then better think again, because it is a dangerous rogue antispyware application that will turn your days into hell if you allow it to remain in your computer. Data Repair is a fake antivirus program created to rip unsuspecting users off and you might be the next in line, considering you’ve managed to catch this infection. Read more »

OpenCloud Security

OpenCloud Security is a rogue antispyware application and it masquerades as a reliable security program. Through such despicable act this rogue is trying to appear legitimate and trustworthy, and then lure your money out of you, making you pay for a completely worthless product. If you fall for this trap in the end you will be left without your money and with a broken computer at hand. Read more »

My Shield Security

Even despite the best efforts of the online security industry to prevent the exact opposite, many PC owners continue to fall for the seditious lies spread by rubbish rogue antispyware applications like My Shield Security. It would seem that this rogue in particular does a good job at emulating the real workings of a genuine security tool. Despite what this rogue would like its victims to believe, it certainly does not have the ability to detect or remove any type of threat from a PC. Read more »

Personal Security Pro

Personal Security Pro is a fake computer security application that only wants to steal your money. You should not allow it to take over and so you must not listen to what it has to say. Personal Security Pro comes from a big family of rogues and it is obvious that this program is more than ready to reach its goals. It has a notorious background behind its back and is fully equipped to rip you off to the very last cent. Read more »

System Recovery

If you happen to have System Recovery in your computer, you should know that nothing good can come out of it, because this program is a malicious application that can seriously damage your system. System Recovery only pretends to be a good antivirus program. It copies the name and appearance of a famous computer security product in order to fool you and make you believe that System Recovery is the only reliable computer security program out there. Read more »

Master Utilities

It has become increasingly more and more difficult for PC users to distinguish between genuine security tools and rubbish rogue antispyware applications like Master Utilities due to their increasing sophistication. This rogue was not designed to protect PCs against threats, but was instead designed to rip consumers off. The user may think that he is paying for a powerful and user friendly security application, but what he is getting is nothing more than an empty shell unable to live up to its extravagant promises. Read more »