Data Repair

What is Data Repair?

If you think that your system is perfectly safe just because you have Data Repair in your computer, then better think again, because it is a dangerous rogue antispyware application that will turn your days into hell if you allow it to remain in your computer. Data Repair is a fake antivirus program created to rip unsuspecting users off and you might be the next in line, considering you’ve managed to catch this infection.

Data Repair is not the first in line. It comes from a big family of rogues and so it exhibits the usual rogue behavior by performing a fake system scan once it is installed. Even though the viruses that appear in the scan are real, they do not exist in your system. Data Repair only wants to scare you into believing that you are terribly infected with worms, Trojans and what not, and it wants to push you into paying for something that it cannot do – namely, purging the viruses from your computer.

The only thing you need to remove though is Data Repair itself. The rogue can slow down your computer to the point of no return if you do nothing about it. So if you are not sure how to get rid of Data Repair on your own, get yourself a reliable security program that will detect and terminate the rogue automatically for you.

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