OpenCloud Security

What is OpenCloud Security?

OpenCloud Security is a rogue antispyware application and it masquerades as a reliable security program. Through such despicable act this rogue is trying to appear legitimate and trustworthy, and then lure your money out of you, making you pay for a completely worthless product. If you fall for this trap in the end you will be left without your money and with a broken computer at hand.

Rogues like OpenCloud Security can easily use social engineering to spread themselves. For example, it can appear as a link in your inbox at some social website, offering you to watch an interesting video or even telling that you must see a photo of yourself. You should realize that nothing good can come out of such links. You will only get infected with OpenCloud Security if you click on them, and then face the possibility of an ultimate theft.

What is more OpenCloud Security will not allow you to work with your computer the way you are used to. It will block various programs from running and redirect you to websites related to the rogue. Delete OpenCloud Security from your computer right now and save yourself the trouble of being plagued by this annoying parasite. Go even further and safeguard your computer against similar attacks in the future.

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