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Avast Enhanced Protection Mode

Here is another one for computer security news, but this one is a bit different from daily rogue applications. Avast Enhanced Protection Mode may come named differently : NOD32 ESET Smart Security Enhanced Protection Mode , Norton Enhanced Protection Mode or Avira Enhanced Protection Mode. This infection is usually spread through social networks, chats and other messaging services, where one will receive a tempting message with a link to a website. Read more »

Unlimited Defender

With all the sophistication invested in the development of fake security tools, it has become increasingly difficult even for experienced users to distinguish between genuine security tools and rubbish rogue antispyware applications like Unlimited Defender. This rogue in particular is a malicious threat only emulating the real workings of a proper security tool. It does not have the ability to identify or destroy any threat from the system and really is nothing more than a malicious infection in itself. Read more »

Ultimate Scan

If you are searching for a powerful and user friendly security tool to augment your PC’s security, then you will do very well to steer clear of Ultimate Scan. This rogue antispyware application certainly was not designed to be of any use to a PC, but was developed solely to fleece consumers out of their hard earned money. Read more »

Total Protect

When looking for a powerful security application which will offer adequate protection to your PC from all the many threats out there, you should steer well clear of Total Protect. This rogue antispyware application was never designed to be of any benefit to a PC, but instead was created by cyber criminals to fleece unsuspecting PC owners out of their money. Of course the rogue will do everything in its power to come across as legitimate, but in reality Total Protect has no ability to detect or remove any type of threat from the system and is nothing more than a malicious infection itself. Read more »

Zentom System Guard

Never trust anything Zentom System Guard has to say. This seemingly auspicious security tool is in fact nothing more than a malicious infection and never had the ability to protect its victims’ PCs from any type of threat. Zentom System Guard was designed by cyber criminals to fleece honest, hardworking consumers out of their money while leaving them with nothing of value in return. Read more »

BlueFlare Anti-Virus

BlueFlare Anti-Virus is not a legitimate security program despite its alluring name. It is a rogue antispyware application that is a dangerous computer threat. Catching this infection is proved to be detrimental not only to your computer, but to your financial security as well. Read more »

Windows Easy Warden

Remove Windows Easy Warden from your system before it is too late. You might think that it is a good piece of software which can protect you from various cyber threats, but in reality it is a rogue antispyware application which can slow down your computer to the point you can no longer operate it. On top of that Windows Easy Warden also aims to steal your hard-earned money, so it is obvious that is a dangerous program which brings nothing but harm. Read more »

Windows Armour Master

Even though Windows Armour Master looks like a reliable program, you mustn’t listen to a word it says. This program is a rogue antispyware application, which means that it only MASQUERADES as a legitimate antivirus, copying the appearance and behavior of popular security applications. In fact, Windows Armour Master is there to considerably slow down your computer and then trick you into paying for a non-existent service.

Windows Armour Master is distributed around with the help of fake online malware scanners, browser hijackers and spam email. Read more »

Windows Accurate Protector

With all the sophistication invested in the development of rogue security tools such as Windows Accurate Protector, it has become increasingly more difficult even for expert users to distinguish between genuine and bogus security tools.

This rogue antispyware’s seemingly legitimate looking GUIs are enough to convince a lot of inexperienced users of its authenticity, and along with all its other tactics manages to fleece users out of their hard earned money. Read more »

Windows Armature Master

Don’t believe anything that Windows Armature Master says. The claims of this rogue antispyware application have no grounds, and this program would never be able to live up to its promises. Windows Armature Master is a fake security program which masquerades as a reliable product; while in fact it only rips unsuspecting consumers off, leaving their computers in ruins. Read more »