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If you are concerned about advertisement, it means that your computer contains an adware program, which may be installed as a browser plug-in. Usually, such advertisements as pop-ups are displayed when using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and if you find that some unknown browser add-in is present on your browsers, keep in mind that it may not be enough to disable the application. In the case of manual removal, it is important to check Control Panel, which you can do with the help of our uninstall guide provided below. Read more »


Uninst.exe is an executable file that is found in a setup of a number of potentially unwanted and dangerous applications. You may not be aware of the fact that you have uninst.exe running on your system, unless you go through the list of running processes on Windows Task Manager carefully. Due to the fact that uninst.exe is not a stand-alone file, in order to remove uninst.exe from your computer, you need to take care of the program that has it in its setup first. To determine which unwanted or potentially dangerous program you have installed on your PC, run a full system scan with licensed antimalware tool. Read more »

Search Maven

Search Maven is a browser add-on which is supposed to enhance your experience on the Internet. It displays web banners, price comparison information, coupons, pop-up advertisements and in-line advertisements. If you do not like this type of enhancement, do not hesitate to remove Search Maven. Search Maven is identical to GoingGo, WebSpades, and BrowseMark, all of which are categorized as adware programs. Read more »

Savings Avenger Ads

Savings Avenger is a typical advertising-supported application that generates advertisements called “Savings Avenger Ads”. You might see these commercials with such a label on all the most popular online shopping websites, including,, and Even though the program itself claims that it is just going to help you save time and money by providing different coupons, the truth is that it will show you different kinds of commercial advertisements as well. These ads differ according to the website that you visit and as the publishers claim, they are necessary in order to keep the program free. Only the manual removal of Savings Avenger will help you to get rid of those ads. Read more »