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DropDrans is a Trojan downloader that is capable of downloading numerous dangerous infections. Our researchers have rated it as a severe threat and so we encourage users to remove it. The removal of this Trojan is highly recommended, because it is primarily designed to download keyloggers, scareware, adware, and other malicious software that will put your computer at great risk. Read more »

Key Shift ads

Key Shift ads will appear on your browsers after installing the advertisement-supported program Key Shift. This program has been created and released by SuperWeb LLC, and malware researchers warn that you should delete this program as soon as you detect it. Even though many computer users do not even question the trustworthiness of this adware, our malware researchers warn that there are plenty of security issues related to it. Do you know what the biggest issue that you might encounter is? If you do not remove Key Shift ads, they could expose you to links routing to malicious websites. Do not underestimate this risk, because, even if you ignore the ads, Key Shift could be used to scam you before you even realize it. Read more »

Safe Web

Safe Web

Safe Web is a misleading application that promises to provide you with a particular function and never lives up to it. Our security researchers classify Safe Web as adware, and it means that his application should be terminated from your computer immediately. Adware programs might not be extreme security threats, but if you don’t remove Safe Web on time, chances are that the app will be exploited by cyber criminals to spam you with corrupted third-party content. From there, you would be only one step away from a severe malicious infection. Read more »


SpeedyResults is going to bring neither speed nor results to your everyday Internet browsing activities. On the contrary, remove SpeedyResults because it will interrupt your workflow by unleashing a continuous flow of promoted ads to your browser window. However, annoying information about the newest online promotions might not be the only reason why SpeedyResults is detested by computer users. Read this article further to learn about the application and why you would not want to keep it on your PC for far too long. Read more »


FlashBeat is a program that should not be allowed to remain on your computer. You probably installed it accidentally when you were browsing a third-party file sharing site. The bottom’s line is that FlashBeat is an adware app that should be removed from your PC at once. The reason we say you need to delete FlashBeat is that there is no way to ensure this application provides you with reliable services. What’s more, adware apps could be misused by malevolent third-party to in malware distribution network, so you should take no chances. Protect your computer from harm! Read more »

Expresso Helper

Expresso Helper

Expresso Helper is a rather old application. It has been published in 2012; however, it might still enter your system these days. There is no doubt that you will notice if it really slithers onto your computer because it will start showing commercial advertisements. Actually, you should not trust other programs (e.g. SocialSay) published by Bit Cocktail Ltd. as well because they will also generate and place commercials on your screen. Advertising-supported applications will not stop showing commercial advertisements, so the only way to get rid of all those ads is to delete the program responsible for their presence. If you need some help with the removal of Expresso Helper, you should read through this article and then use our manual removal instructions. Read more »

Facebook News pop-up

You might start seeing Facebook News pop-up and other kinds of advertisements on your screen if a certain kind of unreliable program enters your system. The specialists at believe that an advertising-supported application has managed to enter your system if you see Facebook News pop-up ads. As these pop-ups can appear at any time, there is a huge possibility that they will ruin your browsing session and you will not be able to surf the Internet without interference. Luckily, it is not so difficult to get rid of those Facebook News pop-up ads. If you do not know what to do, you should read through this article, and we will explain to you how to get rid of those irritating advertisements. Read more »

Steel Cut

If you perceive Steel Cut as a reliable application which can help you save money and enhance your web browsing all at the same time, this article will upset you. researchers have tested Steel Cut only to find out that this supposedly beneficial program is another unreliable advertisement-supported program that you must delete from your browsers. The extension can be installed on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and the older versions of the Google Chrome browser. The reason why you have to remove Steel Cut from your browsers is simple: The advertisement-supported program can expose your virtual security to unreliable parties. Needless to say, the sooner you delete the program, the better. Read more »

Browser hijackers that belong to the Websearch family are very prevalent nowadays, so you might one day notice that the search engine has replaced your homepage and search engine. If it has already happened, you should definitely get rid of this search engine because it is untrustworthy and it does not really matter that it looks like a reliable search provider. None of the Websearch browser hijackers can be erased via Control Panel, so you should not expect that you will be able to get rid of easily. Luckily, we can help you get rid of this browser hijacker. In order to find out how to remove it, you should read through this article first. Read more »

Teal Kitty

It is likely you have installed Teal Kitty hoping it will expand your online browsing horizons, however, your are probably already fed up with all the extraneous content that keeps opening on your browser. Remove Teal Kitty because it is another browser-centred application in a wide range of useless adware software developed by SuperWeb LLC. The developer is infamous for countless generic applications that go under different names but share almost the same functions that never prove to be beneficial. Read more »