What is DropDrans?

DropDrans is a Trojan downloader that is capable of downloading numerous dangerous infections. Our researchers have rated it as a severe threat and so we encourage users to remove it. The removal of this Trojan is highly recommended, because it is primarily designed to download keyloggers, scareware, adware, and other malicious software that will put your computer at great risk.

Where does DropDrans come from?

One should be careful not to open spam email, which may contain DropDrans. We highlight email spam because this is the Trojan’s primary vehicle of distribution; therefore, we encourage users to delete any suspicious emails. However, the Trojan also utilizes other means of getting onto your PC. It may find its way onto your computer if you click on a corrupted link or a fake advertisement. In addition, it may also be bundled with software that is distributed via unreliable software sharing websites. But that’s not all: Your system can also get infected with DropDrans if you install pirated software.

What does DropDrans do?

You will not be asked whether you wish to install it, because it is designed to enter your computer without your consent or knowledge. Once DropDrans enters a system, it immediately connects to the Internet and starts downloading malicious applications that may further compromise your system’s security. You should keep an eye out for files such as comine.exe, data.bin, and ~tmp.dat, because these are the main indicators of DropDrans.

As mentioned, the Trojan may install keyloggers that can be used to steal personal information, such as log-ins, passwords, and online banking credentials. It goes without saying that the functions it is created to perform can only be used by cyber criminals. It’s worth mentioning that DropDrans can also download ransomware and rogue anti-spyware that will attempt to extort money from you. All in all, it is obvious that the Trojan is dangerous and can severely compromise system security.

Apart from that, DropDrans can hijack browser settings as well. It is capable of displaying numerous commercial ads and pop-ups on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Needless to say, the advertisements it promotes are as dangerous as the Trojan itself, because they might infect your system if they were to be clicked on. Lastly, DropDrans uses a lot of system resources, and your system's processing speed drops dramatically. Programs may not respond upon launching them, and it may lead to sudden system crashes. It must be mentioned that the Trojan is currently inactive; however, we still recommend that users delete it because it can still be reactivated at any moment.

How to remove DropDrans

As you can see, this Trojan is indeed very dangerous and can cause severe damage to your system if it is not deleted on time. As mentioned, DropDrans currently does not work; however, we recommend that users remove it. It must also be mentioned that, like all Trojans, DropDrans cannot be easily deleted. Therefore, we recommend that users download SpyHunter, as it is capable of detecting and deleting any infection no matter how deeply rooted they are in the system. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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