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AppMarket Toolbar

AppMarket Toolbar

AppMarket Toolbar is a browser plugin which is rather frequently named as a browser hijacker because it changes your homepage and your default search engine once it gets onto the computer. Thus, you will have to remove AppMarket Toolbar if you are eager to choose a homepage address and the search engine yourself. This browser plugin is not the only one which acts in this manner; there are other ones out there which you should avoid. We recommend being careful will all the toolbars published by Conduit Ltd., for instance, 4Shared toolbar, Iminent toolbar, and IMBooster4web-en toolbar. If you notice any of the unwanted activities, you should erase AppMarket Toolbar entirely from your system. Read more »

Qtrax Player

Qtrax Player

Qtrax Player is an application which allows you to listen and download music on your personal computer. According to researchers, even though the program is legitimate, some computer users rush to delete it thinking that it has flooded their operating systems with undesirable software. Are you thinking the same thing? Well, have you downloaded the program from The official download page of the application is reliable and we can assure you that no other programs are packaged together. Then were do these suspicious, additional programs come from? It has been discovered that these may be promoted by third party software distributors whose services you may use to install the program. Please continue reading to learn how to delete Qtrax Player related applications. Read more »

Video Player Ads

Video Player Ads

Video Player Ads is an adware application that gets installed on your browser together with Video Player plug-in. It is not a direct computer security threat, but user are advised against keeping Video Player Ads on their computer, because it could be exploited by malevolent third parties for malware distribution. You will be able to remove Video Player Ads when you get rid of Video Player plug-in, but at the same time you should also check your system for any other freeware applications that you have entered the system unawares. Your computer security should be your utmost priority. Read more »

Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque

Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque is a message that you will see on your browser when you land on a web page with a corrupted javascript. The fake notification has been designed to scare users into believing that they have violated important laws and therefore they need to pay a fine, otherwise they will face criminal case. However, there is nothing real about Attention Votre Browser Est Bloque and you can make the notification disappear by closing your browser. If you think that there might be other threats installed on your PC, you should scan your computer and remove them as well. Read more »

Mr PC Cleaner

Do you wonder whether you could trust Mr PC Cleaner which claims to be able to speed up your computer, improve its performance, reduce error messages as well as various threats if there are any. As you see, this application offers many useful features; however, it is still classified as a potentially unwanted application because it might do some undesirable activities as well. Thus, you should use it very carefully. Mr PC Cleaner is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system, which means that it is aimed at a wide range of computer users. Use it cautiously and remove it straightaway if you notice any of the annoying actions. Read more » is a search engine is which can replace the home page of the browsers without your permission. The changes can be made automatically after installing some free program, and if you want to prevent such instances of browser hijacking, you should install only reputable programs. can be set as the home page and default search engine of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox; moreover, it can be accessed through any Internet browser like any other website. If the settings of your browsers have been changed automatically and you want to rid your browsers of, continue reading to learn how to remove it from the browsers. Read more »


Skymonk is a potentially unwanted application which is supposedly designed to make the file uploading simpler and quicker. It works with three file sharing services which are Letitbit, Share Flare, and VIP-file. However, not everything is so perfect with it. It is known that it has several traits which might cause you some inconvenience. You should know that it is not necessary to remove it from your system, but you just simply have to be cautious with it and remove it the moment you notice that it produces any of the undesirable activities. Read more »

Viktigt Din Webblaesaren Blev Blockerad

If you are currently based in Sweden and have accessed an unfamiliar domain where you find a headline which reads “Viktigt Din Webblaesaren Blev Blockerad”, it means you have accessed one of the traps set by the cyber criminals. The notification, which contains the emblems of Swedish law enforcement agencies, is aimed at convincing you that you have to believe every single statement provided. Viktigt Din Webblaesaren Blev Blockerad contains the accusations of viewing and distributing pornographic material, which is supposed to scare you into paying a fine. Since Viktigt Din Webblaesaren Blev Blockerad is a scam message, you should ignore the accusations and keep the money for a more rational purchase because by paying the money you will only help the criminals to collect more money. Read more » is a web page that employs malicious javascript in order to lock your browser and keep you on the page. It is a fake alert that informs you about non-existent crimes you supposedly committed and how you must pay a fine in order to avoid criminal sentence. Based on the behavior, is very similar to ransomware infections, but it does not infect your computer directly. In order words, you remove you simply need to close your browser and then make sure that you do not get redirect to the same page again. Read more »

Atencion Su Navegador Ha Sido Bloqueado Virus

Atencion Su Navegador Ha Sido Bloqueado Virus is an infected web page that displays a fake notification from the Spanish police office. You are seeing this message, because you have been redirected to a corrupted website. It may seem as though your computer has been infected with ransomware, but the presence of the message on your browser does not mean your computer has been infected. You can get rid of Atencion Su Navegador Ha Sido Bloqueado Virus by closing your browser, but a full system scan with a reliable antimalware tool is imminent, because you need to make sure your computer is safe. Read more »