Your PC Performance is Poor

What is Your PC Performance is Poor?

If you encounter an advertisement that reads “Your PC Performance is Poor”, do not click on it, unless you want to install some useless computer application. The advertisement “Your PC Performance is Poor” can be displayed by various adware programs. More specifically, they may be displayed by browser add-ons which are supposed to enhance your experience on the Internet. Such programs display search-related coupons and may sometimes insert different types of advertisements into websites.

If you want to prevent all those unexpected pop-ups, you have to remove the adware program. One of the programs that can provide you with the “Your PC Performance is Poor” advertisement is Feven, usually detected as Adware.Feven. This application displays web banners, pop-up, pup-unders and other forms of advertising. “Your PC Performance is Poor” is likely to appear on the sides of the website, but bear in mind that the other advertisements generated by the adware program should also be ignores just like “Your PC Performance is Poor”.


How does “Your PC Performance is Poor” work?

When you click on “Your PC Performance is Poor”, the advertisement shows that it is scanning the PC.  Once the supposed scanning is done, the advertisement provides the scan results, according to which a lot of registry errors have been detected. When you click the Repair windows errors button, you are redirected to In order to fix the errors detected, you are offered a chance to install Windows 7 Repair Tool, which is actually RegClean Pro developed by Systweak. RegClean Pro is regarded as a potentially unwanted program, which can be removed from the computer by a spyware removal tool.

“Your PC Performance is Poor” is an example of how computer users can be tricked into downloading unwanted programs. There are many other similar instances when the computer user is provided with more than one application instead of the one that he or she wants to install. This way of freeware distribution may end up with computer infections, which is why we recommend that you take action to get rid of “Your PC Performance is Poor” and other advertisements.

How to remove “Your PC Performance is Poor”?

Not all adware programs can be easily remove from the computer. Some of them may arrive at the PC without their uninstall component, which makes manual removal even harder. Below you will find our instructions on how to remove the adware program which disturbs you with “Your PC Performance is Poor” and other advertisements; however, if you want to be sure that all the component of the adware program are removed, implement a powerful spyware removal tool. In this way the unwanted application will be deleted for you, and the system will be protected against various computer threats.

How to get rid of “Your PC Performance is Poor”

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Select Uninstall a program.
  4. Remove the unwanted application.

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Select Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Remove the unwanted application.

Windows 8

  1. Press Win+R and type in control panel.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Select Uninstall a program and remove the unwanted application.
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