What is Worm.Slenping.AE?

Computer worms are extremely dangerous infections which usually travel via Internet Relay Chat protocols. Worm.Slenping.AE is no exception and it has been noticed that the malicious program can be propagated via such popular systems as Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Skype, XFire and Yahoo Messenger. If your computer’s security programs cannot block worms, cyber criminals will slip in the malicious application via remote servers using deceptive information. Depending on your Windows system’s language, you will receive a chat message, like “seen this??”, which is meant to lure you into clicking on the added link. This is where the automatic running of the worm will be hidden; therefore, if you click on the link – your computer will become infected without you even knowing it. Hours or even days could pass before you understand that you need to remove Worm.Slenping.AE from your operating Windows system, which could allow schemers to cause serious detriment.

The files that will be dropped into your computer to form Worm.Slenping.AE may vary; however, you should be extremely careful with dcim.exe, music.exe, subst.exe or jutched.exe. These files are responsible for tampering with your system’s Firewall, exposing IRC vulnerabilities and using 1866 port to connect your computer to the remote server msnsolution.nicaze.net. What is more, these malign components could help other dangerous components to be infiltrated into your computer. If your PC was infected with Trojans, keyloggers or ransomware infections, it is possible that your access to the computer would be removed and highly sensitive login data would be stolen. Cyber criminals could use this to infect Windows systems of your online chat contacts.

If you are aware of the difficulties following manual removal and you have deleted worms before, inspect AppData folder and remove Worm.Slenping.AE components. Otherwise, install automatic removal tools, which would delete the infection within a couple of minutes.

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