Windows Web Watchdog

What is Windows Web Watchdog?

Windows Web Watchdog is a dangerous rogue antispyware application. This program may pretend to be a reliable computer security tool, but it is intrusive to the point no one is tricked any longer. Not to mention that Windows Web Watchdog sports an out-dated graphic user’s interface that is a dead giveaway that something is not right with this application. It does not really matter how you got infected with Windows Web Watchdog. If you have this rogue on your computer, you need to remove Windows Web Watchdog immediately, because this infection can seriously cause an ultimate system crash.testtest

Where does Windows Web Watchdog come from?

We can interpret this question in two ways – what are the origins of Windows Web Watchdog and how do I get infected with it? First of all, the origins of Windows Web Watchdog are quite obvious, because this fake antivirus application is from the FakeVimes family of rogue antispyware programs. Thus, we can easily tell that it is a newer version of Windows AntiBreach Patrol, Windows Defence Unit, Windows Pro Defence Kit and many other applications.

Next, as far as the infection itself is concerned, Windows Web Watchdog can be distributed by Trojans, spam email attachments, social engineering schemes, fake update files and so on. In other words, the distribution network for Windows Web Watchdog is very wide, and you need to be extremely careful about how you browse the Internet, and what websites you visit.

What does Windows Web Watchdog do?

Since it is a rogue antispyware application, Windows Web Watchdog can easily cripple your computer in order to make you purchase the full version of a non-functional program. Once it is installed on your PC, Windows Web Watchdog makes the system restart, and then the program loads automatically, each time you boot up the system. Windows Web Watchdog launches a fake system scan and displays a fake list of supposed malware infections that are plaguing your system.

Then it requires you to give away your credit card data in order to purchase the full version of Windows Web Watchdog, but if you do so, you will obviously lose your money. Cyber criminals will make use of your personal financial data to perform illegal financial operations. It means that you need to keep your credit card data to yourself, and then get rid of Windows Web Watchdog in another way.

How to remove Windows Web Watchdog?

Windows Web Watchdog will block Windows Task Manager and Registry Editor, in order to remain on your computer for as well as possible. However, you should not give on Windows Web Watchdog removal. With this article we give instructions on how to bypass Windows Web Watchdog’s defenses and terminate it for good.

You can make use of one of the following activation keys to register the rogue:


After registration all the infection symptoms will disappear for a time being and you will be able to access the Internet and download a reliable antimalware tool. You can also choose another way that helps you delete important Windows Web Watchdog files. Whichever way you choose, make sure that your computer is safeguarded against similar threats in the future.

Windows Web Watchdog Removal

  1. Reboot the PC and tap F8 once the BIOS screen disappears.
  2. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and press Enter.
  3. Type cd.. next to C:\Windows\system32 and hit Enter.
  4. Enter explorer.exe in the newly appeared line and press Enter again.
  5. Open Start menu and type %appdata% into Search box (or launch Run for Windows XP). Hit Enter.
  6. Remove svc-[random file name].exe from the directory.
  7. Reboot the PC in Normal mode.
  8. Open Start menu and type regedit into Search box (or launch Run for Windows XP). Press Enter.
  9. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon.
  10. Righ-click Shell on the right pane and choose Modify.
  11. Enter %WinDir%\Explorer.exe for Value and press OK.
  12. Download SpyHunter, install it and run a full system scan.
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