Windows Pro Defence

What is Windows Pro Defence?

The title of Windows Pro Defence does not represent the real meaning of this application, because it is fake, and will be use to generate illegal profits! And if you do not want to become just another victim, beware of this rogue running in your system and remove it from your system right away. Below you will find all of the information you need to detect the obnoxious virus processing in your operating Windows system.

It could be very hard, if not almost impossible, to say how this particular infection gets inside your computer, as there are tens of different ways for the rogue antispyware to slither in. You can miss it coming through a bundled download, or it can be “invited” by a Trojan, which is already harming your system. All in all, be careful of encrypted software, social engineering scams, browser hijackers, spam email attachments, or a number of different means that could be employed or created by cyber crooks.

Warning, this parasite will block your Internet connection. Click here for instructions how to renew your Internet access.

It is no surprise that virtual schemers are more experienced with Windows system than its daily users, but you can detect Windows Pro Defense running, once you notice its fake computer scanner popping up on your screen. Do not be fooled by professional exterior, or mimicked Task bar notifications, which will try to convince you that your computer is beleaguered with malware, as these are only meant to falsely advertise the advantages of the bogus full version removal tool. See some examples below:

Application cannot be executed. The file notepad.exe is infected.
Please activate your antivirus software.

Potential malware detected.
It is recommended to activate protection and perform a thorough system scan to remove the malware.

Warning! Spambot detected!
Attention! A spambot is sending viruses from your e-mail has been detected on your PC.
Yes, protect my PC and remove spambot now (Recommended)

These notifications are bogus and terribly annoying, but you can remove them by typing 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020 into an appropriate field in rogue’s purchase page. This activation code has helped to fool previous Windows Pro Defence rogues Windows Advanced Toolkit, Windows Proactive Safety,  and many more, but if you have any problems, you should inform us by posting a comment below. The code will also remove such symptoms as restricted access to Task Manager, Registry Editor, blocked Internet connection, and blocked running of most executables, which will make it impossible to detect and delete Windows Pro Defence, both manually and automatically. Once you activate the code, you should follow one of the two instructions to ensure a successful infection’s removal. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Windows Pro Defence*

Automatic Windows Pro Defense Removal

If you have never deleted malware in the past, this option is exactly for you; however, we also encourage expert users to protect their systems with legal security applications, as only they can guard your Windows system against any incoming malware.

1) If your system is still responsive, and the applied activation key has removed all of the irritating symptoms, including blocked Internet connection, you will be able to download legal software straight to your computer. Do not forget to run software, and keep it protecting your PC at all times.

2) If your computer is too slow for you to run any programs, or you are facing any other issues, you can download automatic removal software onto a second computer. Do not install it; simply transfer its installation files onto your virus infected computer, using any removable device. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Windows Pro Defence*

Manual Windows Pro Defence Removal

If you have not deleted malware in the past, this option is not for you, and you should go back straight to one of the automatic removal options. Otherwise, continue with the three steps below.

1) Terminate these processes:
2) Remove these registry keys:
3) Delete these virus related files:


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