Windows Home Patron

What is Windows Home Patron?

Windows Home Patron is the newest threat in computer security world, and this tool is ready to be used to make some profit! The fake antispyware can cause more harm than you might think, as it could become so slow that you cannot operate it normally. Your Internet connection could be disturbed, administrative privileges to Windows system components removed, and security backdoors disclosed, so that more malicious applications could slither into your computer and cause hazardous danger to your sensitive information. This is why you should delete Windows Home Patron at once, when you notice that something is wrong with your computer, or a strange computer scanner is trying to trick you with a fictitious infection.

Fake scanner reports are not the least of your worries, as various bogus notifications will also be propagated to make you believe the simulated infection. All of this is generated to make you spend your money on fake Windows Home Patron removal tool’s license, which is just a part of a scam to get to your savings! If you do not want cyber criminals to get a hold of your credit card numbers, email address, or telephone number, keep away from any purchase recommendations you might find in rogue antispyware’s interface or bogus security alerts. And do not think that the virus cannot do anything to your system, if it is kept ignored, because if you do not remove Windows Home Patron, your sensitive information could be recorded by keyloggers or over “invited” malware.

How to remove Windows Home Patron?

To delete Windows Home Patron you can either proceed with manual or automatic removal operations, but keep in mind that the first option is only applicable to Windows experts, who know how to detect and remove all infection’s components. If you do not have similar experience, we suggest using legal tools, which will delete the bogus application at once.


First of all restore your internet connection with key 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020 . Register the infection and download a spyware removal tool. Install it on your computer and start a scan to detect and remove the malware.

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