Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware

What is Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware?

If your system’s access seems to be blocked by a German Windows Genuine Advantage security notification, Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware has breached your personal computer’s privacy. Like most ransomware viruses that have been recorded throughout the past year, this version is also managed through Ukash online money payment system, which has helped such infections as FBI Moneypak, United States Cyber Security and PCeU viruses’ developers to generate massive profits. Exactly like previous infections, this ransomware is also supported by the devious Trojan, which can slither into a system and run malignant processes without leaving a trail. Malignant Trojan’s components can then reconfigure your system’s settings within the registry and make it impossible to delete Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware.

As a matter of fact, once all processes are done with their initial tasks, you will not even be able to access your desktop, and the only thing you will be able to see is the bogus alert with completely fictional content. See some of the fragments and their translations:

”Windows Genuine Advantage-Benachrichtigungen ist ein Bestandteil des Bemühens von Microsoft, Softwarepiraterie einzudämmen. Diese Software hilft dabei, zu bestimmen, ob es sich bei der auf Ihrem Computer installiertenWindows Version um eine Originalversion oder Raubkopie handelt.”

Translation: Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is part of an effort by Microsoft to control piracy. This software helps to determine whether the program has been installed itself on your Windows computer as an original or pirated copy.test

“Eine Lizenzierung erfolgt automatisch innerhalb der nächsten 12 Stunden, bitte lassen Sie Ihren Computer in dieser Zeit eingeschaltet, damit der Vorgang durchgeführt warden kann. Falls Sie ein Upgrade auf Windows 8 wünschen, ist dies zu einem Einführungspreis von 100 € moglich.”

Translation: Licensing is done automatically within the next 12 hours, please leave your computer during this time turned on, so that the operation can be carried out. If you want an upgrade of Windows 8, this version is possible for an introductory price of 100 €.

Why I got infected with Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ?

Windows Genuine Advantage system has been released by Microsoft in 2009, so many Windows users are already familiar with this authentic program and its name. Unfortunately, this is what could help schemers to trick people into trusting the mimicked version of a program they already seem to known, and then force them into paying the ransom of 100 euros just to restore system’s functionality and running access. Nonetheless, the virus is cunning and you should not comply with any of the given directions, especially paying the money or leaving your system turned on for 12 hours straight. This might do nothing to your PC; however, there is also a chance that schemers would take this time to breach your system’s protocols and steal personal information, including such private data as passwords or online banking logins.

All of this is pretty straightforward; however, Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware removal might be more difficult. Many Trojans are supported by rootkits, which could make it impossible for you to delete the ransomware manually; however, even automatic removal might seem impossible in this case. This is not true, and few simple steps will help you with this seemingly complicated task.

Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan Removal Instructions

1. Restart your computer and press F8 until a menu appears.
2. Choose Safe Mode with Networking.
3. Once the system is launched, go to the Run and enter “msconfig”.
4. System Configuration Utility window will pop up, and here you need to go to the Startup menu.
5. Choose the Disable All button.
6. Launch your Internet browser and initiate an automatic SpyHunter’s download by visiting the address
7. Now restart your system again (as usual) and immediately run the automatic Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware removal application. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware*

  1. i m very happy to get this antivirus becaz it has removed virus in my pc.

    how will i kow that my PC is infected again by same Virus??

    • Error: Unable to create directory s3://esg-lt-seo-cdn/ Is its parent directory writable by the server? Lisa B.

      Hello Jack,

      You will not be infected, because Spyhunter will protect your computer in a feature!

      Good Luck!

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