Windows Custom Settings

What is Windows Custom Settings?

Don’t let something like Windows Custom Settings lure you into its poisonous trap. It is a rogue antispyware and it will carry on until it will leeches out what it wants from you. And it wants one simple thing – your money. The worst thing is that while targeting your financial funds Windows Custom Settings also damages your computer. So it is needless to say that this rogue needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Windows Custom Settings has many methods to pave its way into your computer.
For one, its creators can use tactics which is called blackhat SEO. It means that they put popular search keywords into the sites which host the rogue’s downloader file, and that way when a user is searching for information on hot topic, these sites also appear at the top of the result list. As search engine “grabs” only the keywords, the user cannot be really sure of the content of the site, when he clicks on it. And the infection can start immediately, because sometimes the download is programmed to start automatically. It only takes a second to receive Windows Custom Settings.

Then you need to deal with slow computer and a whole load of fake security messages, which pop up whenever. Windows Custom Settings also hinders the exploitation of your computer, because it might not allow opening certain files. The rogue also says that all these annoying symptoms will go away if you purchase the license for it, but don’t be fooled – you will only be ripped off. Rather than doing what you are told by this malicious application, get yourself a reliable malware detector and delete Windows Custom Settings for good.

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