Windows Antipiracy Virus

What is Windows Antipiracy Virus?

Windows Antipiracy virus is the Italian version of the infamous Paysafecard virus which has ten of different interfaces and names. All of the variables are smartly designed to target Windows systems in different countries. So far, viruses have been found out to threaten computer users living in the North America (FBI Moneypak virus, Royal Canadian Mounted Police virus), Australia, Asia and many European countries. The ransomware application in question is targeted at the Italian Windows users. However, this infection is not the only threat and you should also beware of the devious Polizia Postale e Delle virus. All in all, you need to remove Windows Antipiracy virus right after its infiltration. So, what are the tricks that will help you to discover and delete this clandestine program?test

It will not be difficult for you to detect the malicious Windows Antipiracy virus running inside your computer, because this infection is presented in a very aggressive way. The malignant components of the virus will remove your administrative access to the desktop and you will not be able to operate your computer. Alongside this disturbing dysfunction you will be notified about various cyber crimes within an appeared warning:

Questo sistema operativo é disattivato a causa di violazione delle legi della. Repubblica Italiana sono state riscontrate le seguenti violazioni: il tuo indrizzo IP é stato utilizzato per il download e la distribuzione di contenuti piratati. Probabilmente hai utilizzato file-sharing clienti, torrenti o scaricato  seguente contenuto dirretamente dal sito web. Il suo computer viene pertanto bloccato per evitare la continuazione dell’attività illegale.
Per sbloccare il computer sieti obligati a pagare una multa di 100€

Do not worry about the presented logos of Interpol, Copyright Alliance and the RIAA, because these companies have nothing to do with your computer’s lockdown. You should realize the scam just by looking at the way it is presented, because no law enforcement agency exercises computer blocking without previous warnings. What is more, you should also realize that Interpol would not use Paysafecard or Ukash to collect fines, as these payment systems are highly unreliable and are linked to other ransomware infections.

Even though it may seem impossible to delete Windows Antipiracy virus because of the removed access to the desktop, you are bound to succeed if you follow these instructions (Windows 7 and Vista):

1. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking, because you will need to access your Internet browser.
2. Download a reliable, automatic virus removal application. recommends installing SpyHunter, which you can download from
3. Run chosen removal tools. After the removal, you will be able to restart your computer normally.

For Windows XP users: after downloading SpyHunter in Safe Mode with Networking, go to Run, enter “msconfig”, disable Startup programs, restart Windows and install the automatic removal tool. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Windows Antipiracy Virus*


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