Windows AntiBreach Helper Virus

What is Windows AntiBreach Helper Virus?

Windows AntiBreach Helper is false computer software which you might think is reliable. The rogue is another clone of Windows AntiBreach Suite and other malware. It is very easy to get under the delusion that the rogue can protect you, because the rogue’s interface looks very convincing, not to mention the threats which appear after the scans of the system. You should get rid of this application because it is worthless.Windows AntiBreach HelperAlthough Windows AntiBreach Helper does not add value to the system, it seeks to make you think so.test 100% FREE spyware scan and
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The rogue is designed to display supposedly real scans and simulated infections and the result table shows that the system is full of Trojans, malware or worms which cannot be deleted easily. The malware suggests that you should acquire its “full” version which supposedly removes those infections. Ignore this, and also turn a blind eye to Windows AntiBreach Helper when it displays bogus notifications saying that your system is infected. The only infection is Windows AntiBreach Helper, and you should remove it immediately.

If you are an experienced computer user, you probably know that you have two options of deleting Windows AntiBreach Helper – You can delete it manually if you know how and where to find parts of the rogue, but remember that it is essential to delete all the components of the rogue in order to avoid the risk of further infections. However, if the manual removal of Windows AntiBreach Helper is too tricky for you, terminate the infection automatically. Use a certified antispyware program which is capable of detecting Windows AntiBreach Helper, and you will not need to worry about the processes of removal, because everything will be done for you automatically.

How does Windows AntiBreach Helper work?

Windows AntiBreach Helper comes from the family of rogues which is known as Rogue.VirusDoctor. The infection is an exact clone of Windows Efficiency Master, Windows AntiBreach Suite, Windows Antivirus Master, and hundreds of other malicious threats which have been active for years. Even though more and more computer users are familiar with the clandestine rogue, researchers indicate that schemers behind the infection keep using the threat to attack Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, in many cases these attacks are successful.

As you may know already, Windows AntiBreach Helper can block executable files. This can stop you from downloading legitimate malware removers, installing security software or using Windows utilities required for the manual rogue’s removal. Is there a way to disable these symptoms? Fortunately, a special license key (0W000-000B0-00T00-E0021) can be used to fake a registration. As soon as you activate the full version of the rogue, you will discover that all fictitious threats are deleted, and this is just another warning signaling that the services of the fake AV are completely bogus. Remember that you still need to remove Windows AntiBreach Helper from the PC even if it is no longer active on your operating system.

If you cannot use the license key, you can install automatic malware detection and removal software using the guide below.

How to remove Windows AntiBreach Helper?

  1. Restart the computer but do not wait for it to reboot.
  2. As soon as BIOS loads up – start tapping F8.
  3. Use arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and tap Enter.
  4. As the PC reboots and the Command Prompt show up enter cd.. after C:\Windows\system32\
  5. Then type explorer.exe in the line starting with C:\Windows. Tap Enter.
  6. Open the Start menu and enter %appdata% into the RUN/Search boxes.
  7. In the Application Data folder right-click svc-[random file name].exe and select Delete.
  8. Restart the PC again but this time do it normally (Normal Mode).
  9. Open the Start menu again and enter regedit into Search/RUN.
  10. HKEY_CURRECT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon.
  11. Right-click Shell and select Modify to fix existing issues.
  12. Enter %WinDir%\Explorer.exe as the Value and click OK.
  13. Launch a browser and go to .
  14. Download and install an automatic malware detection and removal tool SpyHunter.

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