Windows 10 Creators Update

It is possible that your Windows OS has not yet prompted you about the most exciting Windows 10 Creators Update, so we are here to tell you more about it since this is probably the one you have been waiting for. Due to the number of users with Windows 10, it is possible that you will have to wait a couple of months until your system can be updated. But this should not worry you too much because you can manually initiate it. Nonetheless, before you rush to do so, let us tell you more about this great update that concerns general virtual security, graphic design (3D), music, gaming, and e-book readings. This serious upgrade is all about creativity and entertainment. If you have had enough of the old ways of 2D graphics and design, sluggish gaming performance, slow browsing experience, this Windows 10 Creators Update is definitely for you and those issues, a thing of the past. Please read on to learn more about this fantastic novelty.

Since security is an area that every single computer user is, or, at least, should be interested in, let us first talk about the new features and options related to this. Windows Defender has a new Security Center now that is indeed a single dashboard that displays all your security options in one place for easy access. You are also provided with a new Microsoft privacy dashboard that will manage your privacy settings across multiple devices. Yet another feature is called Dynamic Lock; this cool tool can lock your computer after you leave it as long as you are carrying a mobile device (phone, tablet, or fitness band) that is paired with your PC. Finally, we also need to mention the renewed Edge browser that Microsoft says has become safer than other major popular browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. And, the list of new features goes on.

Skype, for instance, has also become the best ever for Windows 10 users with new functions like mini view and Skype Translator. But we can also find great improvements regarding other applications, including Groove Music, Movies & TV applications, Windows Photos, and Windows Maps as well. This fantastic Windows 10 Creators Update does not only try to appeal to computer users but also to developers, who can now create new, exciting Windows Mixed Reality apps and experiences for the fans of virtual reality. Cortana, the personal digital assistant of Windows 10 has also gone through some virtual surgery and her repertoire got extended. Thanks to this new update, you can tell Cortana what type of music you want to listen to based on your mood, your activity, or the category you prefer for the moment. And, the entertainment features of this Windows 10 Creators Update have not even been covered fully yet.

We definitely must talk about the 3D support of this new release. Now you can enjoy a whole new world of design and graphics with Paint 3D on the block. With this application virtual expression has just got way better than ever before since you can easily create and modify 3D objects without really being an expert at 3D. Stepping out of the limited perspective of 2D can make your PC use a much more interesting experience. And if 3D is mentioned, we must also talk about the brand new Game mode Windows 10 Creators Update has introduced. This mode can turn your machine into a new gaming experience even if you lack a few hertz of processor power and gigabytes of memory to call your PC a real beast. When you choose the Game mode, your computer focuses on directing all resources to the game and the related processes while keeping all other background processes at a very low priority level. Thus, the quality of your games can be enhanced to the maximum.

Are you a reader? Well, if e-books are your cup of tea, you will find it great that the Windows Store now makes it available for you to read books online. There is also a similar feature built in the new Edge browser, which is also claimed to be faster than its competitors. We will see about that but what we have heard so far sounds very much convincing. One more great feature we should mention about Edge, and it is the tab preview window that lets you manage and select your targets quite easily by simply scrolling through them. Of course, this may not be that interesting for you if you never have more than three tabs open, but definitely a great function for those who cannot even count the number of tabs open at the same time in their browsers.

Although these features may be tempting and exciting, our specialists at say that it may take a couple of months until you can enjoy these on your PC since automatic update might take a while. However, if you cannot wait that long, we suggest that you use the Update Assistant to initiate the download as soon as possible.

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