Win 7 Home Security Pro 2013

What is Win 7 Home Security Pro 2013?

Win 7 Home Security Pro 2013 is one of the many security applications, which can detect and remove dangerous Windows Trojans and viruses, and can guard your system against malware invasions. Or at least it looks like that kind of a program, because in reality it is completely fake, and will never be able to accomplish any of such tasks. This program is a cunning antispyware, and it will infiltrate your unsecured Windows with only one purpose, which is luring out your money. We are sure you do not want some fictitious malware removal program running in your system; therefore, you should remove Win 7 Home Security Pro 2013 from your computer right away.

Browser hijackers, fictitious online advertisements, social engineering scams are only a few channels, that hackers will employ to spread the infection through Windows systems. And immediately after infiltration, a bogus computer scanner will start mimicking the detection of viruses, which do not even exist in your system. Alongside the scanner, various fake notifications will also try to intimidate you into thinking that Win 7 Home Security Pro 2013 is a legitimate application, whose full version removal feature will not take any time to delete all of the pretend infections.

The cunning infection has been spread into home systems all around the world, and many Windows users have spent their good money on a tremendously fictitious removal tool, which will never serve you appropriately. We recommend having Win 7 Home Security Pro 2013 removed as soon as possible, because this cunning application can cause damage to your system, paralyze its processes, or even allow other infections to start running! Delete the virus either manually or automatically, and remember that whichever option you choose, you should ensure that your system is protected at all times.

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  1. It is a rogue antivirus software which uses fake security threat detection lists and false security warning messages to scare PC users into believing that their computers are infected with high risk Trojans and viruses.

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