Win 7 Defender

What is Win 7 Defender?

You can control your system in any way you want, unless Win 7 Defender rogue antispyware is processing in its background. The infection may travel from system to system in various different ways, and active Trojans, spam email attachments, black hat SEO, social engineering scams, bundled downloads, encrypted software are few amongst many rogue’s infiltration ways, which cyber criminals can employ. The rogue is truly cunning, and might stay hidden in your system for as long as required, so that all devious processes are set in place. If you do not remove Win 7 Defender timely, the bogus application will continue its work, and fictitious computer scanner will pop-up seemingly out of nowhere.


The bogus scanner will report various fictitious computer infections, but this is just an illusion, and this tool will never detect real malware, exactly like all fictitious security notifications will not report any truthful information. All that Win 7 Defender is set out to do is fool and trick you, until you think that you need to remove non-existent malware with a completely useless rogue’s full version. Whatever you do, keep away from rogue’s purchase page, because any made transactions could lead you to identity theft. The only thing you need to do with the rogue is delete it instantly.

Many Windows users believe that they can remove Win 7 Defender manually, and you might be one of them; however, it is a fact that most people are not familiar with malware, and have never dealt with any removal processes before. So, if you are one of the many, we recommend sticking to automatic removal tools, which could delete Win 7 Defender, and would ensure that it is done safely and neatly.

How to remove Win7 Defender virus?

As Win7 Defender can block the installer of SpyHunter, you have to change its extension into .com. If you do not see the extension next to the name of a file, follow the steps given (Windows XP):

  1. Open any folder.
  2. Click on Tools.
  3. Select Folder Options.
  4. Open the View tab.
  5. Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types and press Apply.
  6. Locate the installer downloaded and change its extension from .exe into .com.
  7. Install and scan the PC to remove Win7 Defender.

Windows 7 users have to open the Start menu - > Control Panel - > Folder Options. In case the Control Panel is categorized, select Appearance and Personalization - > Folder Options, then follow steps 4–7 given in the instructions above.

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