What is Widthie?

If you download unfamiliar software using unfamiliar installers, Widthie might slither in without your knowledge. This is a Chrome extension that offers a tremendously suspicious service. According to the promotional information, this program can instantly show you the width of the web page you are on. It is not a surprise that this program is spread illegally, considering that the service it provides is rather useless. Do you care about the screen width? Even if for some reason you do, we are sure that the extension introduced by Melingo is not the tool you should trust. What you should do is remove Widthie, and we are happy to help you if you got yourself in this predicament.testtest

How does Widthie work?

Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/widthie/gegdfeiahlfolhcfioipjlkombmgbakh is the official source of Widthie. Of course, not all users are aware of this page, considering that the potentially unwanted program (PUP) enters without invitation. Although it is unlikely that many users use this source, it provides a lot of useful information. First of all, it allows us to track how fast the PUP is spreading. According to current information on this page, Widthie has over one million users. The Chrome web store account also provides the Reviews section, and we could not find one positive review about the PUP. In fact, all reviews state that this unreliable program attacks without permission, and that is extremely worrisome. Only unreliable and malicious programs tend to enter in an illegal manner, and this kind of software deserves immediate removal. Have you installed the PUP manually? That does not change the fact that this extension is unreliable and should not stay active on your operating system.

It is also important to discuss the infections that travel bundled with Widthie. As mentioned previously, this potentially unwanted program can enter without permission; however, it cannot infiltrate your operating system out of nowhere. It is most likely that this extension will be executed automatically if you unleash a software bundle. You might be unaware of this yourself if, for example, a software bundle is camouflaged as a standalone program. Schemers usually employ various tricks to ensure that malicious software enters your operating system without your permission, and, if you download software carelessly, you make the job for schemers and malware distributors much easier.

How to get rid of Widthie

Widthie requires urgent removal, not only because it can enter without permission, but also because it can spy on you and act in an unpredictable manner. Although all users should be able to delete Widthie from their browsers manually, we advocate for the automated removal option. If you install a trustworthy antimalware program, all unreliable programs – not just the PUP – will be eliminated. Furthermore, your Windows protection will be reinforced, making sure that you do not have to deal with undesirable, unreliable, and malicious programs in the future. Please post a comment below if you have more questions, or if you need our advice about the protection of your operating system.

Remove Widthie

  1. Open Google Chrome and tap Alt+F.
  2. In the menu on the right, select More tools and click Extensions.
  3. Click the recycle bin button next to the unwanted extension and select Remove.
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