When was the last time you saw this photo? - Skype Virus

Almost all Skype users know that this instant messaging platform has been targeted several times by cyber criminals.  It has been detected recently that there is a new campaign seeking to infect computer via Skype messages. In addition to the text of the message, the reader finds a link. If the link is clicked, a computer infection is executed and all the Skype contacts receive the same message.

It has been found that a computer user can receive different deceptive messages.  “When was the last time you saw this photo” is not the only message as one written in Arabic can also appear. When the user clicks the link provided in the message, a new window offering to click the Skip button is opened. And the same fraudulent message can be received by more than one contact.

Earlier, a very similar case has been recorded; then the majority of the victimized computers were located in Russia and Ukraine even though such countries as Chine, Italy, Bulgaria and Taiwan were hit, too. The attacks are known to be launched around the beginning of March 2013, and it seems that they have been replaced by the Skype virus in question.test

The wording of some of the messages is presented below:

Picture of you?

Someone showed me your picture

Take a look at my new picture please

Should I upload this picture on facebook?

If one receives the phishing message “When was the last time you saw this photo?”, it is crucial not to click the link provided in order not to execute a computer infection. As to the Skype virus detected earlier, it is known to be capable of stealing passwords. It has been noticed that when a new version of some threat is launched, it poses extra qualities, which suggests that the threat in question and the ones that the users may encounter in the future can be more complex than the earlier ones.

In case you have already click the link given in the “When was the last time you saw this photo?” message, the implementation of a reliable program is the only precautionary measure against the unwanted consequences. However, before installing a spyware removal tool, it is crucial to make sure that it is legitimate and powerful enough to remove the infection and protect the computer.

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