What is WajamUpdater.exe?

WajamUpdater.exe is an auto-update file which belongs to the infamous Wajam plugin. Are you familiar with this browser plugin? Available from wajam.com the program acts as a social search engine, which accumulates information from the social networking sites that your friends are registered with. In order to discover this information your friends must utilize Wajam as well. All in all, the plugin is highly controversial and many Windows security experts state that this application is malicious. Some even indicate that the application breaches virtual security protocols and endangers the safety of its users. This is why many computer users wish to delete Wajam. Needless to say, this involves WajamUpdater.exe removal as well.

How does WajamUpdater.exe act?

As you can tell by the name of the executable files related to the Wajam it is supposed to update the program automatically. The updates are necessary for almost all computer programs and browser plugins due to the changing services, security protocols and similar activity. This file is considered to be a potentially unwanted program because it comes bundled with the application and it is not represented within the installation setup. Needless to say, there are a few other files which are running alongside the auto-updater, so you should not just assume that the executable is malicious. Some of the other files which run together include wajam_setup.exe, wajam.dll and priam_bho.dll. These components are meant to help the plugin run smoothly as well.

As Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers have discovered, the suspicious WajamUpdater.exe (109.06K) is usually located in the Wajam folder under C:\Program Files. Even though it may seem as if the file is completely harmless, you must recognize that its existence may signal the activity of other potentially unwanted programs. As research shows, Wajam can come bundled with unreliable and even dangerous computer programs. Unfortunately, some of them could hide from detection and removal so that malignant activity could be performed without your knowledge. Therefore, if you have noticed the suspicious executable, you ought to scan the system for potentially running malware. If you do not catch and delete computer infections in time, there is a great chance that your PC will be corrupted.

How to remove WajamUpdater.exe?

We recommend that you utilize a reliable, authentic spyware scanner to determine whether malignant computer infections have been infiltrated onto the computer. In case you need to delete WajamUpdater.exe related infections – install authentic malware detection and removal software. We recommend SpyHunter, a reliable security tool which can delete all existing Windows threats, as well as less critical but undesirable programs like Wajam. To have WajamUpdater.exe removed all you have to do is click the download button below and follow the represented instructions. If you have more questions regarding the removal process – post a comment below.

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