What is w32/Ramex.A?

W32/Ramex.A is a computer infection that infects Skype instant messaging program that is installed on computer running on Windows operating system. When your computer is infected with this worm, you will become a victim of social engineering. That is to say – you will constantly receive fake messages with embedded links. The text in the message received will ask you to click the link. However, once you do that, your computer will be infected with something far more dangerous than W32/Ramex.A. Therefore, you need to ignore these random spam messages you receive on Skype and remove W32/Ramex.A from your computer as soon as possible.

What does W32/Ramex.A do?

Just as it has been mentioned above, W32/Ramex.A sends spam messages on Skype, urging you to click a link to unfamiliar website. However, that is not everything this infection can do. W32/Ramex.A has such components as wndriv32.exe, sdrivew32.exe and mshtmldat32.exe. These malicious files are classified as cloaked malware and worms. It means that malicious components allow W32/Ramex.A to enter your system surreptitiously, and during the infection an entry is added to your registry, allowing the infection to start automatically each time you turn on your computer.

What is more, W32/Ramex.A can disable the built-in Windows File Protection System, and modify Hosts file in order to prevent you from accessing certain websites. Worse – by modifying the Hosts, the infection can forcefully redirect you to corrupted websites that distribute malware.

How to remove W32/Ramex.A?

Needless to say, that you cannot allow W32/Ramex.A to remain on your computer. First of all, you need to ignore the messages received on Skype. That is the first measure against the infection. Next, you need to run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner and check which files and applications you need to remove from your computer along with W32/Ramex.A. Do not hesitate to invest in a powerful antimalware program that will remove W32/Ramex.A for you automatically, because manual removal is not recommended unless you are an experienced computer user. Not to mention that the computer security program of choice will protect you from similar infections in the future.

How to restore my Hosts file

  1. Go to My Computer and open Local Disk (C:).
  2. Double-click Windows and go to System32.
  3. Open drivers folder and go to etc folder.
  4. Use Notepad to open Hosts file.
  5. For Windows XP, there should be only one line at the end of the file: localhost. For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 there should be two lines: localhost and ::1 localhost.
  6. If you see any other lines below the ones described above, remove them and save changes.


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