What is Virus.Ramnit.I?

Virus.Ramnit.I is a destructive computer infection which should be removed without delay, because in the hands of cyber criminals, it can cause a great amount of damage to the PC. The virus can spread through removable devices; it can infect computer files and open doors for remote attackers to manipulate the infected computer and collect sensitive information. Not every anti-virus program is able to identify the threat and then remove it from the system; therefore it is highly advisable to scan the computer for spyware regularly in order to keep the PC protected.

In the system, Virus.Ramnit.I makes different changes in the system to initiate illegal actions. It infects or adjusts .html, .exe and .dll files; it can also connect to remove servers and download new files. The file name under which the virus is found is aeadisrv.exe, but it is also important to note that the threat creates new files which should be taken into account when trying to remove Virus.Ramnit.I. Additionally, the virus is known to be able to display pop-up ads of different content. For example, they may be related to financial deals, games or different programs, and your task in this case is not to click on those ads to avoid any possible malware-related problems.

Another important fact about this cunning Ramnit virus is that it has compromised over 40,000 Facebook accounts. It has been reported that the login information was stolen by this cunning infection, which one year ago was a botnet, whereas this year it is able to monitor different information of browsing sessions. It has been observed that the virus can infect accounts if a corrupted facebook picture is opened. Hence, trust only your own pictures, do not trust unfamiliar message senders and keep your computer safeguarded; otherwise one day you may need to remove Virus.Ramnit.I from your PC.

The removal of the virus will be successful if you apply a reputable anti-spyware program so that you do not have to perform the removal manually. Even if you decide to try your luck and delete Virus.Ramnit.I on your own, after having finished the procedure, scan the computer to make sure that the system is really clean. Our team suggests using SpyHunter, because this program is able to deal with the virus in question and any other pieces of malware successfully.

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