Video DownloadHelper

What is Video DownloadHelper?

Video DownloadHelper is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox that can help you save videos directly from the streaming websites. This plug-in supports an extensive number of online streaming websites in various languages, so up to 6 million users employ the application to download videos onto their computers regularly. There is nothing malicious about Video DownloadHelper, and this plug-in is legitimate. Nevertheless, sometimes users complain that Video DownloadHelper appears on their computers out of nowhere. That might happen when you download freeware applications that are bundled with additional plug-ins. Even so, that should not cause any difficulties in removing Video DownloadHelper from your computer.testtest

Where does Video DownloadHelper come from?

This plug-in can be found at Firefox add-on website via Video DownloadHelper also has its own official website at The website gives you F.A.Q section and even the Manual if you are new to such browser add-ons. However, the installation and use of Video DownloadHelper are not complicated, which is why a lot of users worldwide employ this application.

Despite the fact that Video DownloadHelper is a legitimate application, our research team has performed a thorough analysis and they have found out that sometimes this plug-in may also arrive bundled with other applications. The bundled installation may occur when you download freeware apps from third party websites. Thus, if you do not want unwanted applications on your computer, be careful about what you download, and where you download things at.

What does Video DownloadHelper do?

As it has been mentioned in the first paragraph already, Video DownloadHelper primarily helps you download high quality videos at a variety of online streaming websites. There is also another application that is related to Video DownloadHelper and it is called CouponsHelper. CouponsHelper is promoted at and it is said that it “provides a simple browser user interface to automatically get discount coupons when you are about to purchase online”. It sounds like a list of other adware applications out there, and if you do not want it on your computer, you can simply skip down to Video DownloadHelper.

If you had no intention to install Video DownloadHelper on your computer, but it is there – the plug-in might be the first sign that something went wrong and you have installed more than just one program. If you notice unfamiliar apps on your PC or on your browser, you should figure out which program brought them onto your system, and then remove all the unwanted programs together.

How to remove Video DownloadHelper?

Video DownloadHelper does not have an entry on the list of installed programs within Control Panel, but since it is merely a Firefox add-on, you can delete Video DownloadHelper via Firefox settings. Afterwards, do not hesitate to scan the PC with a licensed antimalware tool and terminate any potential security threats if need be. For any further questions, you can always leave us a comment below.

Manual Video DownloadHelper Removal

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and press Ctrl+Shift+A.
  2. Add-ons manager tab will open.
  3. Disable and remove DownloadHelper from Extensions.
  4. Restart browser.
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