Urausy Ransomware from HD_video.exe and HD_video.zip files

Why does Urausy Ransomware Employ Fake Video Codecs?

The malicious Urausy Trojan is a ransomware which targets operating Windows systems located in various countries all around the world. The infection is also known by the names of CashU Virus, Ukash Virus, Police Virus, EC3 Police Virus or ICSPA Virus. These names are accredited to the infection accordingly to the money transfer system or law enforcement credentials attached to it. Since the threat is detected in different locations across the world, there are a number of different names which you could recognize it by. Overall, it is important to delete Urausy Virus from the operating Windows system because this monstrous infection can paralyze the computer and expose security vulnerabilities for other malignant applications. Most importantly, this clandestine threat can trick you into thinking that Police are expecting you to pay fines for allegedly committed cyber crimes. Of course, after you delete the malicious program, you need to take appropriate measures to shield the system against similar Windows infections.


How does Urausy Trojan travel to computers?

The malicious Trojan has a few different proliferation channels that could be used by schemers to infect the personal computer without you even realizing it. For example, cyber crooks could employ spam email attachments, social engineering scams, deceitful advertisement and similar tricks. Overall, it is most important to beware of fictitious video codecs presented to you after you try to view online videos in suspicious websites, often related to pornographic content. It has been discovered that these fake video codecs may have such misleading names as HD_video.zip and HD_video.exe. Why is it important to stay away from these applications? It is because running them will automatically infiltrate the devious ransomware files onto your personal computer. Once these components reconfigure the Windows Registry, they can present a fictitious screen-locking notification which, according to the interface, may be recognized as Abu Dhabi Police GHQ Virus, Belgique Police Federale Virus, GVU Virus, PCeU Virus, Policia Boliviana Virus, Australian Federal Police Virus, Urausy FBI Moneypak Virus, etc.

According to the Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers, you may face the fictitious Urausy Trojan installer under the camouflage of an allegedly authentic video codec in spam email attachments and bundled downloads. If you have been exposed to the installation setup of this completely bogus application, we recommend that you get rid of it and immediately scan the personal computer for potentially lurking infections. One more advice is that you research every program before installing it onto the PC. To scan the computer for potentially running malware, you can use the free-of-charge SpyHunter’s scanner which will warn you about every single malicious component. Needless to say, if any dangerous programs are found, you should delete them without waiting another moment.

What happens if you install the fake video codec?

If the malicious ransomware has been activated due to the installation of the fake video codec, you need to remove Urausy infection without further delay. The clandestine program can block access to the computer and even disable Task Manager so that you would not have a chance at manual Urausy removal. Of course, there is a solution to this problem, and specific malware removal instructions can help you install authentic spyware detection and removal software. To find these instructions navigate to the top right section of the page and use the Search box to find the malicious ransomware which has corrupted your personal Windows system. Follow the instructions which will help you delete spyware, and post a comment below if you still have more questions.

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