Search By myMovie

What is Search By myMovie?

Search By myMovie is a name of a new browser extension for Google Chrome developed by myAppline. It is promoted as a beneficial piece of software for those looking for free movies online. Users are told that they could find movies by simply tapping TAB, typing movies:, and then entering the title of a movie they want to find. Evidently, there are some users who believe that Search By myMovie is a beneficial add-on because, at the time of writing, there are 22 929 users who have already added it to their Google Chrome browsers from the Chrome Web store. We have not analyzed whether or not it acts the way it promises to because our focus is slightly different this time. We seek to find out whether the search tool promoted by Search By myMovie can be trusted, or it should be removed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, research has shown that the promoted search tool is not a trustworthy one, so its removal would be the smartest decision. Read this article to find out more about it. Without a doubt, you will realize that keeping it set and using it as a default search provider might result in the emergence of certain problems.test

What does Search By myMovie do?

No matter where you get Search By myMovie from, i.e. download it from the Chrome Web store or, it should set a new default search engine in the place of your old search tool. It seems that not all the users know about the changes that are going to be applied on their browsers because many people find those modifications undesirable. Of course, they do not hurry to remove Search By myMovie because this search tool looks quite trustworthy. There is a search box allowing users to perform searchers under such categories as Web, Images, Videos, News, and Movie on its main page and several quick-access buttons opening Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, and other popular pages below the search box. Unfortunately, this does not make it a fully trustworthy search provider. Actually, researchers have made a disturbing finding recently. Search By myMovie redirects all the searches to before displaying Yahoo! search results, which immediately makes it one of these dubious search providers. Because of the redirection to an untrustworthy search provider, search results might be modified, and users might find commercial advertisements and sponsored links among trustworthy Yahoo! search results. These ads located on the search results page might be quite dangerous, as the previous experience of researchers at has shown. Their job is to redirect users to third-party pages, so users, theoretically, might be taken to untrustworthy pages with malicious content too. Last but not least, what specialists do not like about the Search By myMovie browser extension is that it can read and change data on all websites users visit. They allow it to act this way by clicking ADD TO CHROME and installing it. If you have changed your mind, delete this myAppline extension today.

Where does Search By myMovie come from?

The browser extension Search By myMovie promoting a search tool with the same name can be downloaded from the Chrome Web store ( or the creator’s official website In addition, as research has shown, it might be promoted by suspicious click-to-install commercials. Users allow Search By myMovie to enter their PCs by clicking on such a commercial advertisement once, which means that clicking on any of these ads accidentally also results in the installation of this browser extension and the appearance of a new search provider. This explains why there are so many users who know nothing about the entrance of Search By myMovie even though it has two official sources it can be downloaded from. Thousands of undesirable programs are developed every day by disreputable companies and cyber criminals, which proves again the importance of having a security tool enabled on the system. If you do not have such a tool yet, go to get it ASAP.

How to remove Search By myMovie

You could remove the new default search tool set on your Google Chrome browser by deleting the extension called Search By myMovie through the Add-ons Manager. You can recognize this extension by the ID it has too: gocbflmhgdckldejmklihkedljphnobo. Do you need some help with its deletion? If yes, feel free to use our manual removal instructions. What else you can do to get rid of it quickly is to perform a system scan with a reputable tool for removing undesirable software.

Search By myMovie manual removal instructions

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Open its menu by clicking on the button in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Select More tools and open Extensions.
  5. Find Search By myMovie on the list of extensions.
  6. Select it and click on Recycle bin next to it.
  7. Click Remove in the pop-up window.
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