What is QuickHealCleaner?

QuickHealCleaner, also spelt Quick Heal Cleaner, is a rogue computer security program which you should remove from the computer once it gets onto your computer. The application is associated with BlockDefense, SaveDefense, Trust Ninja, and some other deceptive applications. The malicious application is installed without user interference when browsing insecure websites. If your computer is not protected against malware and spyware program, QuickHealCleaner can easily attack your operating system and put cyber criminals’ plans into action.test 100% FREE spyware scan and
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How does QuickHealCleaner operate?

The major objective of the creators of QuickHealCleaner is to obtain your money. The rogue anti-spyware program displays bogus security warnings and runs simulate system scans to make you think that the computer is severely infected with various computer threats and that you, as a result, would purchase the full version of the program. If your computer contains no security program, you may easily fall for the trick; however, if you have some anti-spyware program and now find that QuickHealCleaner detects tens of infections, it should arouse your suspicion.

Here is how one of the pop-ups displayed by QuickHealCleaner looks like:

QuickHealCleaner has detected that This PC is NOT PROTECTED. Currently install malware applications will cause:

Annoying advertisements wasting your traffic.
Slow page downloading speed. Web browser is not working properly.
Cyber thieves get access to credit card.
Criminals will steal your personal data and photo.

Hacker will get access to email box, personals, hosting and Internet services. They will use your computer and IP address for illegal purposes.

QuickHealCleaner may affect the performance of your browsers and chance the background of the desktop to make you think that the computer is really affected by numerous computer threats. However, the major threat is QuickHealCleaner itself. It is crucial to remove QuickHealCleaner because it cannot protect your operating system against malware.

By filling in the order form of QuickHealCleaner, you provide remote attackers with your identifiable information and online banking data. Moreover, you lose your money, which you will be unable to reclaim because the attackers have not been detected.

How to remove QuickHealCleaner?

QuickHealCleaner is a scareware program which can be fought off by powerful spyware and malware prevention tool.  Our team at Anti-Spyware-101.com recommends that you implement SpyHunter because this application can fully remove the malicious program and safeguard the operating system against various computer threats.

Do not try to remove QuickHealCleaner manually, because it has its components in the Registry and other locations of the system. If you miss some files or delete valid system files, you may impair the overall performance of the system. Hence, do not hesitate to implement the recommended application especially if the system is not protected against malware and spyware programs. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of QuickHealCleaner*


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