Ukash Virus

What is Ukash Virus?

 Ukash Virus is a dangerous browser hijacker that is commonly installed on your computer by a Trojan, infiltrating your machine via security cracks. Once Ukash Virus is installed, it will modify your browser settings in order to change your homepage and presented fake alerts, e.g. local or country’s police.  It also locks your computer completely and the only thing you can do is to see the fake messages.

This ransomware Ukash Virus uses a pre-paid system called Ukash. None of official institutions would ask to pay via such kind of systems. It only confirms that this is not a real notifications but a virus used by scammers  to get your money. You shoud remove Ukash VIrus from your system immediately.

Step by Step Ukash Virus Removal Instructions

  • Reboot your computer; while doing this, press F8
  • Choose safe mode with networking;
  • Launch MSConfig (Click Start and choose Run, in the run dialogue box write MSConfig);
  • Disable  rundll32 or any application from Application Data which you will find in startup tab ;
  • Restart your Computer.
  • Scan with to identify files and delete it.
  • For Windows XP users ONLY: enter “msconfig” into Run, click OK, then choose Startup from the appeared menu and hit Disable All. Restart the PC normally and install the removal softwaretesttesttest
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