U-search.net virus

What is U-search.net virus?

U-search.net virus is a computer malware that monitors and logs your Internet activity and search results. It does not redirect you forcefully to other websites, so you can remain oblivious to this infection for a very long time. U-search.net changes default homepage settings and loads automatically whenever the user launches his internet browser. However, it is very hard to notice when u-search.net website is loaded, because the redirection itself is very swift and the next second the user is redirected to a Google webpage.

U-search.net virus affects all main basic internet browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The user usually installs this malware himself without even realizing, because U-search.net virus generally comes bundled with freeware. Random software applications that user downloads from the Internet (including video codecs or p2p applications) could be easily packed together with U-search.net virus. So when you install those programs, you unwittingly install U-search.net virus as well.

It is important to stress that U-search.net virus does not inflict any hazardous changes on the computer system, but it breaches your privacy and in the long run can be responsible for leading other malicious applications into your system. What is more, with all the data it collects various commercial advertisement companies can spam you with undesirable pop-up advertisements that ought to be avoided when you browse the Internet.

Thus, it is for the best to remove U-search.net virus from your computer. If you find manual removal too troublesome, do acquire a computer security tool that will help you to terminate U-search.net virus automatically. At the same your system will be safeguarded against similar computer threats.

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