What is TVStreamSurfer?

TVStreamSurfer is a browser extension that is compatible with the Google Chrome browser. Although it may not work on the rest of the popular browsers at the moment, it does not mean that it could do so in the near future. Thus, we feel obliged to tell you about the potential negative aspects of keeping this extension on your PC. TVStreamSurfer is rather intrusive and questionable application that sometimes even enters your computer accidentally. If you did not install this extension on purpose, perhaps it would be for the best to remove it right now. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the manual removal instructions.testtest

Where does TVStreamSurfer come from?

There are several distribution methods that could be employed by this extension. First, it can come from official sources. The extension has an official website via When you open the website, you are greeted with the most basic information about the extension. It says that with this tool added to your browser, “finding your favorite movies and TV shows is easy.” You should be able to “browse hundreds of titles” with the extension. According to the official website, “TVStreamSurfer finds content for you on services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video. Is it not slightly confusing how a random third-party application can help you stream contents of these websites, considering that you normally have to PAY to do so? That is the first part that should make you suspicious of the program and its goals.

Second, you can find the tool on the Chrome Web Store. The installation count for this extension is not high, and there are not any positive user reviews as well. In fact, there are no reviews at all, which is also not something you would expect of a reliable application.

Finally, it is also rather possible for TVStreamSurfer to arrive in a software package with some other application. For instance, if you download a codec or a file converter from a file-sharing website, be ready to host an entire lot of applications you did not intend to have. TVStreamSurfer might be one of them, too.

What does TVStreamSurfer do?

Frankly, TVStreamSurfer is not a dangerous computer infection, but quite a few users find some of its antics annoying. For example, it can change your default search engine to If you do not care too much about which search engine you use, it may not be a problem, but we should point out that this search engine may promote commercial third-party content. In other words, accidentally, this extension could expose you to something unreliable.

Not to mention that your online activity will be logged and recorded. This is necessary in order to provide you with custom third-party content. That is why there is a line in the program’s privacy policy that goes: “Third Party Content providers may also use cookies, pixels, beacons, and similar tracking and data collection technologies to collect user information when you use the Extension or Website.”

That would not be much of a problem if the third-party content were safe. However, adware applications like TVStreamSurfer cannot guarantee that and so eventually your personal information and your computer’s security might be at risk.

Have you noticed how we did not mention the main functions of the application? That is because all the side effects of having the extension on your PC are far more important the actual streaming this app promises. Therefore, if you care about your information and computer’s security, make sure you remove TVStreamSurfer from your browser at once.

How do I remove TVStreamSurfer?

The deletion process is not complicated. If you follow the instructions right below, you should be able to get rid of the extension in no time. If you notice more unfamiliar extensions in the list of the Google Chrome plug-ins, but you are not sure whether they are safe or not, get yourself a powerful antispyware tool and scan your PC through and through.

A full system scan will help you determine whether your computer has been infected with potential harmful applications. If so, terminate them automatically and protect your PC from other intruders by enabling the real-time protection with the security tool of your choice. If you need any recommendations, we are always there to help!

Manual TVStreamSurfer Removal

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click More tools.
  3. Open Extensions and remove the adware plug-in.
  4. Restart your browser.
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