What is TR/Staser.rfm?

TR/Staser.rfm is a malicious program which may be categorized as a Trojan horse because of its capability to access the system surreptitiously. Not all computer security programs can detect and remove this threat, but if you suspect that your computer is afflicted by TR/Staser.rfm, implement SpyHunter, which will immediately remove the threat from the PC. When TR/Staser.rfm is on the computer, you may notice that the system is not running properly. You may also find that you cannot browse the Internet as usual because you are redirected to some unknown website or search engine. Once you are exposed to such symptoms, do not hesitate to scan the PC.

What does TR/Staser.rfm do?

TR/Staser.rfm is a threat which is also known as Trojan.Win32.Staser.rfm and Trojan.Win32.Staser. It is associated with wsys.exe, whose size is 802.0 KB.  The threat creates new registry entries, and conceals itself within the system in order to start running once the system starts. Moreover, it can record your keyboard input and mouse clicks, and the information collected is sent to remote attackers.

Usually, Trojan horses arrive at a PC alongside some freeware or shareware, and TR/Staser.rfm is known to be installed along with eSafe Security Control. The program is installed as a browser extension and may cause some changes on the browsers. It is also possible that you will not manage to restore the former settings manually, which means that a powerful spyware removal tool should be installed on the PC.

It is not enough to stop the processes associated with TR/Staser.rfm because all the files and registry entries of the threat should also be removed from the system. The sooner you remove TR/Staser.rfm from the PC, the sooner you reduce the risk of getting the computer infected with new and more dangerous threats.

How to remove TR/Staser.rfm?

If you want to remove TR/Staser.rfm and be sure that you can browse the Internet safely, implement SpyHunter. This anti-spyware program can easily remove various rootkit Trojans, browser hijackers, rogue security tools, and many other computer threats which can easily access unprotected computers. You will save your time and energy, and the system will be protected, so do not waste your time – install the recommended application right now.

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