What is Trojan.Tikuffed.Q?

Trojan.Tikuffed.Q is a computer infection classified as Trojan. It has quite a few aliases, including Backdoor.32.VB, Desktop Smiley Toolbar, W32/Injector.TGK and others. The aliases of this Trojan allow one to see what one can expect from this infection. It is obvious that with Trojan.Tikuffed.Q on your computer, your system becomes vulnerable to further malicious infections, because this Trojan is related to a number of other computer threats, such as Trojan.Tikuffed.BR. In order to avoid getting infected with Trojan.Tikuffed.Q, you should scan your computer regularly with SpyHunter free scanner, and then make sure that you have a legitimate antimalware tool that helps you remove malware automatically.

What does Trojan.Tikuffed.Q do?

This Trojan can open a backdoor on your computer, communicating with a remote server over HTTP protocols. It means that it can download configuration data from its creators and then unleash a variety of undesirable actions onto your computer. The problem is that you may as well download Trojan.Tikuffed.Q onto your computer yourself, without even realizing it. It happens when this Trojan comes bundled with freeware applications you download at third party websites. That is why you have to be very careful and attentive when you download and install random applications, because they might as well be full of malware installers.

How to remove Trojan.Tikuffed.Q?

Needless to say, that you cannot allow Trojan.Tikuffed.Q to remain in your system. In the long run, you could experience a leak of sensitive personal information, and your system could get paralyzed with an entire galore of malicious infections. However, if you are not a computer expert, you should not try removing Trojan.Tikuffed.Q manually, because you could end up removing important system files. That is why you have to invest in a powerful computer security program that will scan your PC and remove Trojan.Tikuffed.Q automatically. This way you will also be able to protect your PC from similar malicious infections in the future.

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