What is Trojan.Nalia.A?

Trojan.Nalia.A is a malicious computer infection classified as Trojan. Depending on the Trojan’s components, Trojan.Nalia.A can perform a number of malicious tasks. The most dangerous thing about this infection is that the Trojan remains hidden in the background of the system and you cannot know whether you are infected or not unless you perform a full system scan. Scan your computer right now with SpyHunter free scanner to see whether you are infected or not. If so, acquire a legitimate antimalware tool to remove Trojan.Nalia.A automatically from your system, because if you allow this infection to say, it can cause a great damage.

Where does Trojan.Nalia.A come from?

Just like many other Trojans, Trojan.Nalia.A has many ways to enter your system. For example, it can be delivered via spam email attachments, social engineering scams and even bundled downloads. You have to be extremely careful with the bundled downloads distribution method, because in such a case you become directly responsible for the Trojan.Nalia.A infection yourself, by installed freeware applications that have the Trojan installer file within their setup. Install only those programs that you download at OFFICIAL websites. Otherwise you may get infected with the likes of Trojan.Nalia.A.

What does Trojan.Nalia.A do?

The payload of Trojan.Nalia.A depends on its components. However, it is easy to see that the Trojan tries to hide its presence by injecting its code into legal system processes, such as csrss.exe. What is more, this malicious copy of a legitimate process can easily disable Task Manager and Registry Editor, thus robbing you off tools that could help you remove Trojan.Nalia.A manually. If that weren’t enough, Trojan.Nalia.A also has such components as geral.exe and mif.exe in its setup, and they allow the Trojan to monitor your activities and collect various types of data that you input via your keyboard. Not to mention that Trojan.Nalia.A can connect to a remove server behind your back and download even more malware onto your computer.

How to remove Trojan.Nalia.A?

It is obvious that you cannot hesitate any longer – invest in a legitimate computer safeguard application that will terminate Trojan.Nalia.A automatically. Consequently your PC will be scanned for other possible threats.

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