What is Trojan.Llac?

Trojan.Llac is a family of clandestine Windows Trojans which are capable of various malignant tasks within your unguarded operating system. Some of the most notable versions from the group include, Trojan.Llac.bdm, Trojan.Llac.bkm and Trojan.Llac.ddg; however tens of others are equally as clandestine and dangerous. The malicious Trojan has been developed by schemers to act as a backdoor and malware dropper, which means that this and secondary infections could be used to perform various tasks endangering your personal virtual security. According to researchers at, the malicious infection is most dangerous because of its abilities to hijack your personal accounts and spread malware using your own name. Luckily, we can help you remove Trojan.Llac.

How does Trojan.Llac work?

Depending on the Trojan.Llac version running on your PC, you could face a number of different malign files, most vicious of them being server.exe. This clandestine executable acts as a rootkit and can hide the malicious threat from discovery and removal. Since the component can act highly surreptitiously, you may be oblivious to its malignant tasks. For example, the cloaked server.exe file can record your usernames and passwords, hijack online email and IM accounts and use them to proliferate malware to other systems. Other files you may need to find and delete include eminem.mp3.exe, rbd.exe which can create connections to remote servers and hijack system processes, HDTunePro.exe, Output.exe or pic.exe. The latter file may be responsible for the entire Trojan’s payload and could be attached to spam email attachments or social engineering scams. Once the element is executed, your PC becomes infected with the Trojan and you need to worry about its removal.

How to remove Trojan.Llac?

If you do not wish to worry about Trojan.Llac removal, you need to shield the operating Windows system with reliable and legitimate spyware detection and removal software. If you do not employ such software, any step within the virtual world could lead you to malware infiltration. Therefore, we suggest that you install SpyHunter to ensure that all running infections are delete and the PC is protected against similar threats. Even if you decide to remove the Trojan manually, which is a task for experienced Windows users only, you should safeguard the operating system to prevent malware infiltration.


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