What is Trojan.Inject?

Trojan.Inject is a dangerous computer infection which you should never meet; however, if a powerful security tool does not run on your PC, you are at great risk of catching the Trojan while browsing the Internet, in particular unsafe and unreliable websites. As not all anti-virus tools are able to fight this threat off, it is advisable to scan the PC regularly with a spyware removal tool to check what has successfully penetrated into your computer’s system.

The Trojan has to be removed as quickly as possible, because its dirty deeds cause serious damage to the system, not to mention the fact that one’s privacy is brutally violated. After injecting its codes in the Registry, the Trojan disables access to the built-in Task Manager and Registry Editor, and also disables Safe Mode. Moreover, Trojan.Inject modifies Windows Security Center settings which results in an override of Windows Firewall, which stops displaying security alert notifications.

The modifications related to the system’s security seem to be the least important in comparison to the malicious actions that are related to the user’s privacy. For example, once in the system, the Trojan will access your email box and send spam emails without your knowledge, and it will communicate with other computers to receive commands from remote attackers. Moreover, the settings of your Internet browsers will also be changed. For example, you may find a browser helper object, which will disappear once you remove Trojan.Inject. The Trojan adjusts DNS settings, connects to the Internet and visits websites, uses different protocols to connect to chat rooms and different services. Importantly, the Trojan may modify the settings of Internet Explorer, which means that the home page, tabs, and menus may be changed.

As the virus can connect to the internet, it is likely that it will download more malware onto the PC, which may lead to a loss of you personal data. Therefore, your login data that you use to access, for example, your bank account may be copied and sent to criminals.

To protect the computer, you should use a reliable tool which will remove Trojan.Inject at once. Our team suggests using SpyHunter. The program will detect and remove the infection completely, so the only thing that you will have to do is run it regularly to make sure that the system is secure.

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