What is Trojan.0access?

Trojan.0access is a Trojan infection that has first been discovered in July 2011. It infects all the major versions of the Windows operating system, and it can remain undetected for a lengthy period of time, because Trojan.0access makes use of a rootkit to hide itself. Thus it is important that you perform regular system scans in order to determine the infection, before Trojan.0access manages to cause any serious damage. Make sure that you remove Trojan.0access once the infection is detected, and protect your system from similar intruders by investing in a powerful antimalware tool.

Where does Trojan.0access come from?

Since Trojan.0access is a Trojan, it may use a number of distribution methods to enter your system. It may be distributed via compromised websites. This Trojan is known to make use of the drive-by download method, but it may also spread through peer-2-peer download networks, so whenever you download something that is not from an official website, you need to be very cautious, because you might as well accidentally install Trojan.0access onto your computer as well. Not to mention that with such distribution networks at hand, the Trojan’s creators can easily add new functionalities to it, and then send it off via the distribution channels again.

What does Trojan.0access do?

Just like with most of the malware nowadays, Trojan.0access is oriented towards generating financial revenue. It downloads a particular application onto your computer and then hijacks your browser to perform rigged web searches and make you click sponsored results, because Trojan.0access makes money via pay-per-click advertising.

Apart from redirecting you to suspicious websites, Trojan.0access is also able to download other malicious programs onto your PC, such as fake antivirus applications (or rogue antispyware). These programs display fake security notifications that intend to push the user into purchasing a computer security product that cannot deliver.

If that were not enough, Trojan.0access is also capable of opening a backdoor that allows a hacker to control your computer from a remote server. This way your compromised PC can become a part of a botnet and it may be used for a DDoS attack or anything else that requires a great number of zombie computers.

Some computer security experts believe that Trojan.0access is related to Backdoor.Tidserv that is also a notorious computer infection. Either way, it is easy to see that Trojan.0access is a dangerous computer infection that you need to remove immediately.

How to remove Trojan.0access?

Due to the fact that Trojan.0access makes use of a rootkit to hide its presence, manual removal is not recommended unless you are a computer expert. You should run a full system scan with SpyHunter frees scanner to check what other malicious programs are on board, because Trojans seldom come alone. Then you are highly advised to invest in a legitimate computer safeguard application that will remove Trojan.0access for you automatically. Consequently, you will be able to protect your system from similar infections in the future. So do not hesitate when it comes to safeguarding your PC from dangerous threats.

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