Tidserv rootkit

What is Tidserv rootkit?

Tidserv rootkit is an irreplaceable part of Backdoor. Tidserv, Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A and other sinister computer infections from such infamous malware families as Alureon and TDSS. These infections are dangerous to various versions of Windows, starting with Windows 2000 and ending with Windows Vista. Anti-Spyware-101.com warns that PC infecting Trojans, backdoors and rootkits are extremely dangerous which is why you should remove them without any hesitation. First of all – do you know how to delete Tidserv? This part is essential if you want to remove existing Trojans. Please continue reading to learn even more.

Do you need to delete Tidserv rootkit?

Different computer infecting Trojans depend on rootkit components to hide from the detection and removal procedures initiated by existing security tools. It has been discovered that not all spyware removal and PC protection applications are capable of fighting rootkits, which is why they could infect your computer even if it is guarded by AV tools. Tidserv rootkit has been noticed running alongside such components as TDSSl.dll, TDSSlog.dll and TDSSpopup.dll. These files can reconfigure auto-start programs, add or delete processes, read email addresses, record keystrokes and gain access to your personal accounts. Needless to say, this is a real threat to your virtual security and you should delete Tidserv rootkit before it is too late.

How to remove Tidserv rootkit?

Since manual Tidserv rootkit removal is not practicable and existing security tools may be helpless against it, it may seem like you cannot do anything else but surrender. Of course, this is not true, and we recommend installing SpyHunter. This up-to-date, reliable, automatic malware detection and removal tool is powerful enough to discover and fight rootkits too. Moreover, it can guard your PC against other kind of malicious programs too, which is why you should install it without further delay. Have more questions regarding removal? Post your detailed questions or comments below.

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