Trojans - Page 157 category archyve: redirect virus redirect virus is a cunning browser hijacker which should be removed immediately in order to restore all of the compromised settings and secure the PC against violent privacy breach. Browser hijackers are able sneak into the system unnoticed, and you may find this particular redirect virus on your PC after installing programs that are downloaded from suspicious websites. Therefore, if you do not want to come across this hijacker again, Read more »


180Solutions.Zango is an annoying piece of adware which is installed in a computer alongside different programs, and which is used to monitor how computer user browser the Internet. As the unwanted program employed by third parties violates one’s privacy, it is highly advisable to remove it from the computer as soon as the intruder is noticed. Read more »


Trojan.Necurs.A is a rootkit infection that may slither into your computer via infected USB drives, spam email attachments, illegal downloads, online advertisements and a number of other infiltration channels. According to the malware research team, these security backdoors are exposed if you do not implement antimalware software, miss critical updates or use illegally acquired tools that are incapable of guarding your PC properly. Read more »


It is really difficult to fight an infection you cannot see. Trojan.Nitol.A is good at hiding itself and inflicting damage on the target system. This Trojan does not differ much from other Trojan infections, making it a rather generic threat. However, that does not mean you should not take Trojan.Nitol.A seriously. In fact, you should perform system scan periodically to make sure you remove Trojan.Nitol.A in the early stages of the infection. Read more »


The infamous HackTool:Win32/Keygen, or Troj/Keygen, has been traveling all across the World Wide Web for over tree years now. This treacherous application has been created for a truly devious purpose, which is to generate license keys for applications that get downloaded illegally. Despite this unlawful mission, the fraudulent application can do much more than you will initially expect, Read more »


Trojan.Phex.THAGen6 is a cunning infection that will place your PC in a precarious situation, because this Trojan is able to take control over a computer that is not protected against infections properly. The threat disables current security tools of a computer so as not to be detected and removed, stops system processes, Read more »

Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware

Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware

If your system’s access seems to be blocked by a German Windows Genuine Advantage security notification, Windows Genuine Advantage Trojan ransomware has breached your personal computer’s privacy. Like most ransomware viruses that have been recorded throughout the past year, Read more »

Reveton Trojan

If you know FBI MoneyPak and its clones, you should know that these cunning infections are distributed by Reveton Trojan, also known as Trojan.Win.32/Reveton.A or simply Reveton.A. The Trojan is associated with Citadel, which is known to have been derived from a vicious threat called ZeuS Trojan. In contrast to other malware that uses different ways of spread, Reveton Trojan Read more »


Trojan.Maljava!gen24 is a recent malware infection which comes into the system through JavaScript files located in malicious websites, which already implies that you should be very careful with spam emails containing links to unknown websites. The best choice in such a case would be to delete the email before opening it and make sure that the computer runs a reliable spyware removal or antivirus program. The Trojan is known to infect different operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS, Solaris and different versions of Windows; consequently, every computer user should be aware of this cunning network infection. Read more »

BOO/TDss.O Trojan

BOO/TDss.O is a dangerous Trojan which typically bypasses the most popular antivirus programs that are not updated and ready to fight this cunning infection off, or sometimes it happens that even if security tools detect the infection, they are not able to remove it. It is not enough to ignore this infection’s presence, because the Trojan severely affects the computer’s performance, and you cannot work on the PC properly. Read more »